My new unicycle webpage!

I posted a link earlier in a thread, but I didn’t get any replies, so I figured not enough people saw it. So here I am saying to EVERYONE that I just created a humble little unicycling webpage that I will definitely add to later. Okay, so every thread has to have a point, so the point of this thread is so I can get comments about my webpage and also helpful hints about what I should add. Thanks everyone!


I can tell you put a lot of time into it.

You bet I did! A full 15 minutes!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :wink: :wink: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, crappy email nd crappy site server. You’re on a roll.

wow… just wow.

What you guys think of this layout?

Why do people always want us to go look at web sites that have nothing on them? Put something there to look at and maybe then it’s worth it for people to have a look. At least there’s something to comment about…

I tried to view the unipunk page in Firefox, but it never finished loading. All I saw was a row of ads, a big graphic (nice) and a list of links way too far to the left.

Sorry to disappoint you John, but if you’ll notice I clearly stated in my first post that I wanted ideas of what to add and also I said I would be adding more soon. Telling me how bad my site is doesn’t help, giving me tips does.

Re: My new unicycle webpage!

All I get is an almost blank page (except for the Yahoo sponsored
links). It just displays your email, and three non-linked phrases:
About me, Gallery, My unicycles.

I’m not sure if that is what John Foss saw when he made his remark,
but I would second what he said “put something there to look at”. Not
trying to diss you but give it at least SOME content before you ask
for comments.

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It’s difficult enough to think of things to put on my own website.

One problem is that the site only works with IE. It doesn’t work with Mozilla/Firefox. Use a web page designer other than Microsoft Office to make the page. MS Office does a very poor job of making HTML web pages and that’s the reason the site won’t display in Firefox.



I see you’re best buds now with Greg Harper. Greg’s an amazing person to know, he just has this glow about him…then again, maybe that’s 'cause he works with nuclear stuff. Now that you’ve rubbed elbows with him, are your fingernails and toenails starting to discolor yet?

How was root beer? Greg has certain secrets that not many know about like his Coker tire is actually filled with Thomas Kemper. I think that’s the story. It was either that or the British said that root beer tasted like the inside of an inner tube. Can’t remember exactly.

I see from the pictures that Greg challenged you to his favorite game, Little Bunny Fufu. Last time we were out west, Greg allowed me to play a couple games of Little Bunny Fufu with him as well. He’s quite the competitor though. Did you win any rounds? Once I beat him out as best bunny by landing a precise one-footed hop while holding excellent form and he threw a pretty good temper tantrum. Tyler, second secret: Greg takes Little Bunny Fufu VERY seriously. I know you’re probably a much better Fufu’er than Greg but let him win at all costs. Life will be much more pleasant.

Glad you had a good time. It’s always great to meet fellow unicyclists from around the country.



Somebody took the pedals off your Torker CX :slight_smile:

Interesting background color on your site.

Yea, I know. So what is lil bunny fufu?