My new... unfinished movie


i have decided to release my video because it will be a long time until i really get to finish it( due to crappyness of my torker dx)
anyway… i didnt get to have some of my newest tricks on my video:
-360 unispin
-crank flip
-better trials
-and a whole bunch more things i dont know the name of…

hope you enjoy

Hereit is, let me know if it doesnt work

oops, forgot to mention the music

first song: eels, saturday morning
second song: radio head, idiotech

I wasn’t able to see it, but my computer is picky about videos, so I’d wait for a second opinion before saying it doesn’t work.

Wish I could see it though:)

what happend? i might be able to fix it…

Downloading now =p

Does It Work?

It worked for me.

I loved the ending message, it was cute… how did your uni break?

It was a good video, it will be awesome once you get to finish it! Ill be waiting.

I was just saying today, I want to move to arizona, cause everything looks better there, and your video just made me want to even more.

lol arizona sucks! it gets to be about 110 degrees average here!

spells tan! Not to thread jack.

yeah, vid’s looking heavy!

i especially liked the jump from the high ledge to the narrower ledge in the car park- that looked sick.


Please dont become like yoggi with your seat in hops :stuck_out_tongue: ( just joking )

Nice vid !

I’m downloading it, but I just wanted to say, Saturday Morning is a sweet song!!
and the Eels are a sweet band!!

Judging by the opening scene, you should invest in some helmets ( :

If you’re hopping to the right, you should learn to hold the seat with your left hand…makes it loads easier to balance if you hold with the hand opposite the direction you’re hopping.
Sweet grind!!

Yeah…you should really get some helmets.

Weird, in the last scene, you are hopping the opposite direction of the hand you’re holding…but then you turn around for the last hop. Weird.

So far, nice movie!!

How’d you break your uni?


yeah im very weird when it comes to right and left handed stuff.

i golf right handed
i bat for baseball left handed
i ride goofy foot and i olly switch
i write with my right hand… its very weird… but thats how i am

my unicycles seat post tube snapped off my frame from a crappy weld… im sending it back

yeah! someone reffered me to yoggi!

lol… yeah… my farmers tan is AMAZING!

Idioteque is the best song ever made.

Nice riding.

:thinking: i don’t really get the reference- would someone enlighten me please? :thinking:

yoggi hardely ever seat out hops…


did any one else like it?