My new... unfinished movie

it was awesome!!! I hope ur uni gets rideable soon. It would suck 2 be uniless. That was a really nice grind on the lefge in the beggining though. Good job.


Yep good vid, missed the music though no speakers on work 'putar, so I hummed along instead! :slight_smile:

yea, the seat in style… A lot of rider in France hop seat in and here, most rider hop seat out… I think

Personally, I prefer seat out( not to offense seat in rider ) because it look more smooth

i would do seat out but i dont think my skinney little arms are strong enough…yet…

ic- thanks :slight_smile: I’ve been checking yoggis vids. he does some mad high hops tho!:wink:

The riding is good. I like watching a couple of failed attempts before seeing someone clean a line. It’s somewhat more realistic. But the avatar is to die for.

lol i know it, thats why i put it on

i liked it…i wish i had a frame oi could send you so that you can finish the vid.

thanks, im sending my uni back today and hopefully theyll send me a new one

that was a awesome movie. don’t worry about the hopping stuff. i hop all the time seat in and when i hop i almost always hold my seat with my right hand no matter witch way im going

Great movie:)

thanks for the comments guys.
seriously i think this is the most kind form on the net. no one gives negative comments… i love it.
by the way if you didnt know that there are 2 different people in this movie
me, and another kid named matt
matt has a torker lx and i have a dx(broken :angry: )
just to let you know

why are you sending your unicycle back to torker just to wait a week or two and probably get it gack? just weld the frame back together then youll be riding in like a half hour

because i might get a whole new frame… for free.

also you need to work on steadying the camera.

but why dont you send them an email or give them a call before just sendig them the frame? it takes maybe a few days to get a reply rather than just sending it to them right away and possibly not getting one.

i liked the video. makes me feel bad being a 280 lb porker though. looks fun to be a spry kid again.

dont fell bad. there are things for you in the unicycling world… like muni or cokering. you should get into one of those. that would be sweet