My New Trials Uni is Finally Done!

This uni has been a long time in the making (since about the middle of last October), and it’s finally done!

*Arrow Racing DHX 19" rim (the hardest thing to find, took me a month to find one)
*Profile hub/cranks (145mm)
*Maxxis Creepy Crawler tire
*OJC pedals
*Marwi Spokes (black)
*Yuni 20" frame (powdercoated black by your’s truly)
*Primo Viking clamp
*GB4 Post
*Carbon Fiber Miyata seat base
*Scott Wallis DeathGrip carbon fiber handle and bumper (Left handed, serial #003!)
*Gemcrest Vinyl cover (black)
*Door Edge guards (to prevent ripping of the cover)

The wheel was built by Tim Braun.

I love this uni. The final weight of it is just under 13lbs.


Note the door edge guards, rubber under the post bracket, and sticker

Note the powdercoat and flybar sticker (FlyBar is officially what I am calling it)

Note the profile sticker and SWAT sticker on the rim

Possibly one of the stongest wheelsets out there

<ferris bueller>If anyone has the means, I suggest you pick one of these up, it is so choice! </ferris bueller>

That seatpost is throwing off the whole flow…

Note the mud splatters already on the hub and pedals.:stuck_out_tongue:

nice!:smiley: I want one of those handles! The only roblem is that carbon snaps, it doesnt just crack. I’d be worried about hitting it on a rock or the groud hard and it breaking, but maybe im wrong.

Who could resist a test ride, I mean really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the handle is a carbon/kevlar/fiber glass mix, so I think it is ok.

This is what you need, i a different collor though.

ANd this is of course, custom made.

And a thing that I’ve thought of, is to have a small pocket or if youre not that paranoid of weight, a bag, like the axiom cabot, under the saddle behind the seatpost, to have keys, cash, cellpshone in.

The attatchment to the saddle must be custom made, but you could just attatch it with some heavy duty glex, or 2 bolts trough the saddle base.

And one last thing, but the bolts sticking up and make them round on top… I don’t know how many blisters i’ve got from grabing saddle after a fall or so.

This is what I think. :smiley:


Nah he has the GB seat post and a CF seat base he should be fine for awhile.

Carbon fiber doesn’t need any reinforcement, it is rigid, and what is the bag for?

I’ve slammed mine into the ground a ton. Also it has skidded across the concrete a lot. Plus, there’s a 5 year warranty.

I’ve had my keys punched into my thigh from snowboarding, it was bleeding a bit, and didn’t like it att all, couldn’t ride for a week, and i don’t want that to happend again. :slight_smile:

I met Scott Wallis at CMW. I asked him how strong the CF handle was and if he worries about it cracking from falls. He stands the unicycle up and forcefully throws the saddle to the ground. The handle impacts a rock hard. There was no visible sign of damage from the impact, not even a scratch. I think the handle is plenty strong.

Is there really? I didn’t know that. I don’t think I’ll need to use that any time soon.

Well, that is something I don’t need to worry about, as I don’t have any keys, or a car to use said keys that I don’t have. The only thing I carry on my person when doing trials riding is my wallet, which can’t hurt me. There isn’t any money in it anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Daino, that was a good story.

where can i get one??? (the handle)

I’m just curious, what did all this cost? :slight_smile:

Must…purchase…profiles…Nicks uni better than mine…

I think the total came to something like $750-$800

I don’t remember the prices of all the components, so its approximate.

Hahah you’ll need more then just profiles. The arrow rim is awesomely better then the DX. You’ll also need a sweet powdercoat job too.


Great idea. In my pre-carbon fiber seat days, I bent a plastic Miyata seat in half when I missed a jump mount and landed on the front of the seat. Then again, maybe I’m glad it bent and didn’t hold rigid. A rigid saddle might have transferred the force somewhere less desirable.


Nah. The arrow rim is stronger but heavier. It’s a tradeoff. Until I need that extra strength, I’ll save the weight. I could use an awesome powdercoat job, but thats cosmetic. Profiles are not.

Nah. The arrow is only 544 grams. The DX32 on the other hand is 730. So you get the best of both worlds. This info was taken from webcyclery.