My New Trials Uni is Finally Done!

where do i get one of the handles and how much do they cost?

Thats a 26’’ DX32 and you know it! The weight for the mod DX32 isn’t listed.

Edit: The mod DX32 is listed on as 510 grams.

Edit again: Also, you can drill DX32’s without negatively affecting performance, or get pre-drilled ones from trialsin.

You’re going to have to talk to Scott Wallis. Last I heard he didn’t want anyone spreading the word of where to get it around, so I’ll go by that. You could always try talking to him though.

That’s only a difference of like 34 grams, and somehow I doubt that is noticable. If I have to take an extra 34 grams for a rim that is damn near indestructible, so be it.

Hahah oh well that’s what I get when I listen to Nick. Well 34 grams isn’t that much so stop your wining.

Yeah, but for me, the alex is indestructable, so why carry the extra weight?

I wasn’t whining, I was saying I need profiles and not an arrow rim. Besides, why pay for one. We may be able to get them free remember?

Only 24" from what I have heard as of late. Maybe 19" when they start making them again.