My new homemade seat cover.

Hi again everyone,

I’ve now fitted my fury leopard skin seat cover and wondered what everyone thought of it?

Also when i paint my frame what colour would you think matched?


ah…hahaha! that’s great! Did you totally make that your self? If you did…how did you do it? Sowing machine? It looks soft.

probably brown or tan would really go with that seat…but I dont know if you would want to do that. Or you could do camo colors, like dark brown and tan camo. that would look kewl. “Muniaddict” did that.

look here for CAMO painting…its not hard at all.

PURPLE! Purple with leopard saddle, I was joking I’d do it the other day but I think that would be really pimp haha

Ive been wanting to this forever, either that or black & white checkered.

i never thought of purple… i was thinking of doin it bright green.

Purple sounds quite cool, i might do that!!

Yeah, i made it all myself. I cut 5 pieces of fabric (same shape as the old cover)… Sewed them together (on the inside) then stretched it over the old one. :sunglasses:

That’s pretty good!

There is only one choice with a seat like that. You need a leather covered frame.


Get the frame painted the same pattern.

Nice design job you have there David H. As for the frame match it like fuolornis said to give it the animal feel. :smiley: :smiley:

If i painted it the same pattern what colours would i use? There’s no way that i’d be able to find the same colour paint.

I bet yoggi would like that. It looks comfortable for nude riding.

Hahaha, I agree.
Putting this in my signature line :smiley:

Peter M

That looks like K1 Leopard saddle.