My manhood is stopping my from doing unispins with the seat backwards

title says it all but to reiterate when ever i set up to do a unispin with the front handle faceing me it pushes into my manhood and hurts.


Time to man up? Or how about lowering the seat? You could also try changing the seat angle if your post allows it.

any lower and it makes doing roll combos hard and any higher and it makes unispins hard. i was messing around today and if i have one hand on the front handle and one on the back bumper i can do a 180 but that wont allow me to do anything like a 360 or up. guess for now ill just keep doing that =/

Maybe he is hung like Seabiscuit and the seat is all the way down :stuck_out_tongue:

get a prince albert and a belly button ring then construct a mini “block and tackle” between the two so you can hoist it out the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I am SO trying not to picture that in my mind.

What about getting rid of the seat handle? Can you still buy front bumpers without the handle? I know handles basically suck for Freestyle…

Hold the seat further out or do it with the seat the other way round?

Oh man… If you got a RAB, that could spell disaster.

Hold the seat further out or do it with the seat the other way round?[/QUOTE
to do it the otherway i would have to get off the uni and its not the pushing into me that hurts btw its the wiggling back and forth when i ride seat out with the seat backwards that pinches and hurts like hell

[quote=“Alex Murr,post:8,topic:117306”]

Get better at seat out? i ride seat out with the backwards all the time

no, its only when i set up for the hand positioning to unispin.
the point of this thread was to see if anyone could offer any advise that would allow me to keep the seat at the same height. but i guess if a wanna do a 360 unispin ill have to do a 180 or a body varial first to put the seat back to normal.

Just do like I do… throw your manhood over your shoulder before hopping on the uni.

I gotta switch shoulders once in a while though 'cause it gets tiring.

You’re the only person i’ve heard of having this problem.It must be your seat angle cause people do seat backwards 360 unispins all the time

lol XD

im starting to think people think this not a serious thread >.>
i guess ill start lowering my seat just ever so slightly everyday until the problem goes away

Well if feisty’s right I think you’re better moving this thread to within the “Today I brag thread”! :wink:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

If thy eye offends thee, pluck it out.:o

Wear better pants if your junk’s hanging out, dude.

Not still, but again: here in the US, here in Germany.

BTW, why are they much cheaper in Germany? :astonished: