My half page of fame.

A few days ago i was asked to do an interview for our local paper- natorious for getting facts wrong and spelling names wrong.
I did it and for some reason got put on the front page (for some reason i’m more important than councils being amalgamated and the ongoing drought in our region.
Unfortunately the writer seemed to miss the sarcasm when i said cliched comments (half bike etc) were funny.
Anyway i think it has been beneficial for anyone considering in the region considering taking up unicycling. Most of the info is right except dates and stuff like that.

Congratulations, can you scan a copy? That’s funny about the missed sarcasm. :slight_smile:


It’s easy for an interviewer to miss sarcasm, because they don’t know you very well and are trying to gather a huge amount of information. Expect them to make some mistakes.

For best results, only tell them things you want to see in print, and watch out for jokes and asides. They can end up in there as well (I speak from experience!).

The press do like interesting quotes and one-liners. Such as, from our article in the Sacramento paper the other day, I said “With a unicycle, you can’t be a poser.” Even though this is not entirely true, it makes a good line, and was used to close the article:

Nice article. Here is the scanned article.


how in the world did you get your hands on an Australian newspaper, Nathan?

Great article, mark!:smiley:

We have a great newspaper stand here in California…actually, if you read the first post, napalm posted the location of a gallery that includes a scan of the article, so I just posted an actual link to the image directly. Not even magic.


Thanks for that nathan- i’m only just finding my feet with my gallery and working suff out (if a little slowly)
John, thanks for the advice, i will probably have to be more carefull in the future.

How did you build that for $120? Just the Tire and seat are $100. Not sure what currancy they are talking about, so it might be a lot more in US dollars.

Way to go…great write-up.

Where’d you get that cool uni shirt??? I want one.

The photo caption says it’s a custom made $1200 unicycle. You dropped a zero. :slight_smile:

That’s $1200 Australian dollars which amounts to about $867 US dollars.

Yep that is $1200 AUS dollars.
Tom the unicycle shirt is the Australian Muni weekend shirt and Andrew Carter is the guy you want to talk to if you want one.

Thanks for the link Nathan. Great stuff Mark, congratulations. Tom, we do have some leftovers from the Muni Weekend that we could probably sell. Rockley Boothroyd is in charge of the shirts now (boothryd (at) . Email him and ask him if you’re really interested. Roger Davies of kindly allowed us to use his brilliant design on our shirts (as we were not selling them for a profit). He designed it all. It really is a great logo isn’t it!


There is a Roger Davies in the harry potter series, only a mentioned character though.

He is the captain of the Quidich team. :stuck_out_tongue: