My Grind Rail with pics.

I finally got my rail finished. I cut the pieces and then I talked to a guy who welded them for me. The two legs are 15" high. The bases are 2ft long. The whole thing is around 5 and 1/2 feet. There is about 4 inches left on the ends past the legs of it.

I can grind about half of it. I go up and land on it in the middle somewhere and grind off the end. I am going to try to get the whole thing today. I will hopefully post a short video of it. (It will be taken with a digital camera, so it might not be very good.)

Anyways here are the pics.

grind rail pictures 001.jpg

And another.

I dont get how you grind those things.

sweet i wish i could grind a rail. Have you ever tried riding across it? If you got good at that you could almost ride across any rail.

I haven’t tried to ride across it yet. But I have thought about it. Its probably pretty hard considering im using a 1.75 tire lol.

Well im finally getting where i can grind the whole thing pretty well. I think i might try a 180 grind sometime this week.


do you weight the bottom with anything to keep it from tipping over? or is it heavy enough on it’s own. i’m pondering a grind rail/grind box. i’m looking for advice/suggestions.

If your going fast enough off the end it won’t pop up. The only downside is that if you jump onto the very end and land at the piece thats hanging off, then it will pop up and try to flip. Other than that its pretty cool.

I wish I knew someone that could weld.

This has inspired me to make my own set of rails, and ledges, and even possibley some metal trials structures.

Glad I could bring some inspiration to ya Evan.

I’ll weld whatever ya want.

Yeah, hi. Can you weld me up a wooden ramp, please?

Are you serious? You can’t weld wood. :roll_eyes:

Thats even better than what loosejello said.

I think he was being fascicous…

I can weld anything from the crack o’ dawn to a broken heart

Anyways, ( back to the rail) Can anyone give me tips on a 180 into a grind? Thanks so much. I have been practicing my 180 crank stalls. But everytime i do it on the rail i don;t slide, i just sit there and fall off. Any suggestions? Kelly.

Well, I TRIED to grind on juggles rail, but i suck. I keep on landing on my brearing case…sooo… it just flings you off of it like poop on a tire. It really ain’t that hard though. I thought it was going to be really difficult.