My Ebay special uni!

Hi all, i am new to the forum and thought i would basically introduce myself and my unicycle :slight_smile: About 4 weeks ago i bought my first very own Unicycle. Its a 20" uni (learner). After i got it i can now ride fine, can mount anywhere (apart from vertically) and i can hop on the spot or around the place. Still cant go backwards or go down really steep things but i am having a absolutely great time. Today however finally the $40 unicycle had its first issue. The crank bolt split in half and the crank kind of bent :frowning: So now i am going to have to buy a replacement crank and bolt for about 30-50 bucks. Wish i had a job :stuck_out_tongue: anyway once i have some money together i am going to fix that but after that i am saving for a Trial uni, there so cool. I don’t know which one i would get however. Cheapest is the best for me as i don’t have a job, i still make money on the odd jobs here and there but yea. What is a good trial uni? In my town in Australia (NSW) I am the only unicyclist i haven’t seen one anywhere LOl not for 100km’s It feels really great especialyl when you go to the skatepark and all the skateboarders wanna have a go, then they hert themselves :stuck_out_tongue: But unicycling is just such a great sport I LOVE IT!

Anyway thats a little story of since ive got my uni. Hi everyone!

Hi Patsandy, welcome to the forums.
Congratulations on learning how to ride.

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Thanks :slight_smile: ONe les of them LOL, intresting :stuck_out_tongue: What do you try to do after you get hopping? i cant go backwards or idle but i can go all over the place and hop :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome Patsandy. :slight_smile:

I’m quite a newbie myself, can’t idle nor riding backwards very well either. I use my unicycle as transportation and therefor try to learn “useful” skills. Rolling hop, for example, is quite nice when hopping up curbs.

Unicycletips, among many other sites, has a collection of skills you might want to learn.

I haven’t tried many trial unis, but personally I like the Nimbus ISIS with upgraded cranks.

Well upgraded cranks means nothing to me sorry i don’t really understand what you upgrae there just pieces of steel :stuck_out_tongue: I have never used any other unicycle then my current one :frowning: I can jump up guttars on roads and things i can hop when idle and when moving sorry for not saying that either. I love riding my uni everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically get other cranks, for example the Kris Holm moment cranks. As far as I’ve heard, it’s quite easy to bend/break the standard cranks on the Nimbus.

The cranks are what your pedals are attached to.

The nimbus ISIS trials is the best option for you, and everyone wanting to get into trials. It’s the best compromise between strongest and cheapest (the cranks are the only thing that’s weaker on the nimbus, and after that the little extra weight in the nimbus does not really matter)., they have the wrong picture on your UDC, and with upgrades it could look like this.

I’d find a place where you can practice jumping on things, like park tables. This way you’ll get better at jumping and tricks. Once you’ve mastered a park bench or two, you can move up to bigger and better things to jump off/onto.

Well once i get my new uni i will start that kind of thing at the moment my ebay uni could die from just dropping from 15inchs :stuck_out_tongue: I guess when i can efford it i will get the Nimbus. Does anyone know a place i can get custom uni parts ? I am in Australia so perferably somwhere that will send to Australia or is in Australia. sells custom parts but not many and there exspensive :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Jumping off tables seems pretty hard will a nimbus survive that?

Providing it’s ISIS, yes - the nimbus and all top of the line trials unis (ie KH Koxx Qu ax Nimbus…with splined hubs) should hold up to much more than that (double or more height).

Ok thanks, I just broke my ebay special AGAIN, got it fixed today, just so happens the same day i brake a crank and the peddle connected to it. Seems like i am going to need that Nimbus much sooner than i exspected. The only thing on my mind is that will it be worth getting a nimbus or should i just save and get a knoxx or a KH. I don’t really know so any suggestions :slight_smile: I have been told the nimbus with upgraded cranks is good and its cheap so i am looking in that direction but is that really what i should buy?

sorry for double post.

Anyway I am looking at the only unicycle (australia) site i know where i can buy. Here is my option i dont want to spend over 400 dolalrs but if its worth it ok.

Nimbus ISIS Trials 20

Qu-Ax Cross ISIS 20 with a red hub

If it is really neccesary i can get
Qu-Ax 20


I was kinda in the same position as you
I bought a ebay 24" and the seat broke (you gotta go easy on them) and the people sent me a new seat for free :slight_smile: but i knew i’d need i new uni
I tried to buy the nimbus, but UDC got 3 orders in one day and only had 2 unis
So they offered me the next one up, the quax with the red hub
After doing some research, i got the impression that the nimbus was better :astonished:
So then i asked for the next quax up:D the one with the yellow hub and got it for the price of the Nimbus:D
This is a fantastic unicycle in my opinion and very versatile, i use it for trials, street and muni. Its great uni if you dont have quite enough for a KH.
And as for the lack of unicyclists, when you get your new trials uni, lend your ebay one to a friend, then when he buys his own lend it to another friend.
This is how i got into unicycling, trying out my friends dads uni and got 4 or 5 other friends to ride and buy their own, by riding mine.
I ride in Galston, Sydney btw

Soz for the double post
Is it just me or does anyone feel a “Hazmat Welcome” coming on
:astonished: :thinking:

Thanks Sam, I guess ill just get the nimbus, do you know any other place apart from the thats sells uni’s or uni parts? cause they could charge whatever they want i wouldn’t know any better :stuck_out_tongue:


I rang around a lot and heaps of bike shops have alright quality learners…
My friend managed to get a trials for $250 i think? at Kuringai Cycles although about 4-5 months later this uni is creaking and showing some bad signs
I think there could be a place in Frenches Forest that imports unicycles?
Something in the back of my mine says they import koxx but dont quote that in your sig;)

lol ok, Anyone else got anything to add? or should i buy this Nimbus uni :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta save up first unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, definitely. It is possibly lighter than the qu ax and is easier to upgrade… and cheaper. Go for the Nimbus ISIS when they have it in stock (should give you time to save…) and then later, if you manage to break the stock cranks, you can upgrade to KH moments (I don’t think the aus UDC does custom orders so that’s your best option).