My deviant septum

It may seem like a stretch, but it IS unicycle-related. I just had my longstanding deviated septum repaired. That’s the part of your nose in the middle that, when deviant, prevents easy breathing during sleep or exercise.

Anyway, it really hurts now, so if any of y’all are contemplating such surgery, please read my blog:

It’s the most recent entry (Sept. 11, 2007). I’ll be happy to answer any Qs if you post me a message, and I always appreciate comments at my blogs.

Well, I’m back from having the dressings removed from my nostrils. What a difference! I can’t recall what it was like to breathe freely before, but I can tell you that it feels like I grew a new, bionic nostril.

My nose is still quite runny (a lovely blood and mucus combo), but that’ll subside soon enough. And my ‘sore throat’ was really just an effect of the dressing. When that came off, my soreness almost completely disappeared.

I took some great before/during/after photos and will put them up on my blog soon.