My 2nd Century 100.10.1

What an INCREDIBLE ride I had Sunday, 2/3/13! And I completed 100 miles in just 9 hours, 56 minutes, beating my first 100 miler by more than an hour. But in my quest to finish in under 10 hours, I took less breaks than usual, kept a faster pace, and paid for it with terrible leg cramps for the last half, but it was worth it! :o

I filmed much of the ride via my gopro which was “holstered” under my touring handle so I could shoot footage while riding, and not have to stop and lose time.

So here’s my Uni-Century video. Sorry for the occasional “squeaky” sounds; it was just my shoes rubbing against my cranks. I had a ton of clips so it was a challenge just to condense a 10 hour ride to less than 10 minutes!

Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

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Let me be the first to congratulate you. I don’t even have 100 miles yet all total.

Good job!!! did you use the flatfish?

I swear by these lil pills. Haven’t had a cramp yet…

At 0:35 did you miss the slider on the toaster? Early morning! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoyed the video! Nice riding.

YEAH! Way to go, UG! Very impressive ride and fun video! You looked very smooth and efficient on your wheel. Hope your recovery is quick. Eat a family-sized pizza–that always works for me. :smiley: :astonished: :wink:

I’ll echo the exact words that a tourist yelled at me today after I finished a tiny lil’ 20-miler and was doing a couple cool-down laps in the parking lot: “You are officially the most awesomest person today ever!”

Congratulations, UG!!!

Ha ha I noticed that too.

Well done Terry! I envy those bike paths! Here in SA we dont have that luxury. How is the recovery going?

Great video and a great ride, Terry.

I wish we had bike paths like that here. In England they basically paint a white line a yard from the kerb and paint a bicycle inside it. Everyone just parks across it all the time so it is useless.

The best setup I ever saw in Europe was in Wolfsburg in Germany where they had separate roads, bike paths and pedestrian paths all with their own traffic lights at major junctions.

Well done Terry! Another great video. I love how you film yourself from the boom handle.

Not envying your California ‘winter’ weather. At. All. :slight_smile:


Love were you filmed it from! how was the NCC

Thanks for the comments guys! Since the ride I’ve been reading with great interest about ways to prevent or stop leg cramps. It seems like one of the very best remedies is good old pickle juice! Yes, that’s right! Here’s one article about it. There are countless others just a google search away. I will definitely being taking ample amounts with me on my next century! :slight_smile:

Yep, I play high school football, and pickle juice before a game was the norm. Fair amount of kids drinking it. Same goes for track w/ distance runners and sprinters.

But how much? And should I continue to drink it during the ride as well?

For my next century I’ll be using my Scott Wallis base with the KH FFR foam. As you can see, the saddle is semi-flat, with a nice wide area on the back with minimal upward curve. I’ve always found this saddle extremely comfy for longer MUni rides but have yet to try it on my 36er. I plan to do a few test rides with it and then if all goes well, I’ll use it on my next century, which I’m planning for sometime in the next month.

Terry, I never partook in the pickle juicing (I never had problems cramping during games), but my teamates never drank more than a few swigs from leftovers in the pickle jar. Nothing crazy like glasses and glasses, maybe a cup or so. As far as drinking it during the ride, I know most of my teamates would also drink some at halftime as well.

However, keep in mind, one of the main causes of cramping is from not getting enough water. Usually if I start cramping up while working out, I know I haven’t been drinking enough water.

And don’t forget bananas. Excellent for cramps.

Oh, and I wanted to add that I love watching your vids. Definitely inspirational.

Hmm, I smell weed…

If i am riding for a long time i will eat a bannana every hour it keeps ya from cramping and keeps ya loose

I don’t prefer bananas. After 10 hours of 1 per hour would you have room for any thing else? Try it some time you might be surprised.

I prefer dense carb & grapefruit for potassium. Some like coconut milk. But coconut is also a laxative. Last thing I want on any ride is for that end to be loose.

Way to go Terry!
Good ride.


I don’t see myself riding along slurping pickling vinegar anytime soon shudders I’d rather have the cramps :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode with a man who spiked his water bottles with pickle jar juice one day last year on a 25 mile hill climb.

Watch out what you do drinking pickle juice…

Don’t drink the juice in the bottom of the pickle jar
You might grow green and lumpy and forget who you are
You can pour it on your sister
Apply it to a blister
But let me tell you Mister
Never drink the juice at the bottom of the pickle jar