My 29er floats...

… I discovered last night when I upd’d next to the canal.

lol my koxx red devil floats too LOL

i fell in some random lake in hyde park… although i was asking for it lol

lol that’s so lol


I remember riding through a giant puddle in the field this winter, during the super-rainy week. I fell down a lot and I think my qu-ax floated too, but I’m not sure. I remember drying the saddle and oiling the uni afterwards.

Teehee, I’ve done the same thing. I UPDed by a low bridge on the Peak Forest Canal near Stockport and heard the inevitable “splash” from behind me as the 29er bounced into the water. It did look quite pretty floating just under the water with lights a-glowing… :slight_smile:


sorry 'bout that, but, I mean, duh :roll_eyes:

Yes I know they do. But so do bikes’ innertubes and they don’t float.

It depends on the size of the tyre in relation to the uni, but I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) when I discovered my particular uni floated. The only way to find this out otherwise would be to chuck it in and see. But I wasn’t going to try that - obviously! (or should I say - duh!).

Yes but most bikes are heavier then unicycles. Such as KH, Onza and some nimbus. :smiley:

Old news (2nd row, about 1/3 of the way across). Chris Reeder and David Poznanter discovered this in March 2001. This was fairly early into the world of 3" tires on unicycles, so they may have been some of the first to discover this (and get pictures). Air seats help as well, but aren’t needed with a 3" tire. Now I guess the question is now skinny of a tire will still allow a unicycle to float?

cool pics:)

haha, my trials uni floats too:)

I rode my 20" LX into a pool and across the bottom once. Riding a unicycle underwater is hard…

It floated.