Must-have gadget for motivated unicyclist *JOKE*

Hi all,

A friend of mine directed me to this Japanese maker of gadgets of all kinds - especially to the following unicycle-related item:

I guess I will recommend this to Roger from UDC UK - as it is cruelly missing from his shop! :wink:

Well… That was all… Have all a good day!!!


Is 931 their version of 768?

Haha good find, they look realy cool, I might just have to make myself one of those.

I saw one of these on eBay, my mom was going to get it for my birthday but the person selling it set the reserve at 50 dollars! Looked cheap too.

The Way to Roll

Notice that if you have the free end of the toilet paper come over the roll towards the toilet as aposed to over the roll towards the wall, will determin if the unicyclist is pedaling backwards or forwards!


I, for one, would never use toilet paper that another unicyclist has used before me.

They should offer a “Sheryl Crow on a unicycle” toilet paper dispenser that only allows one sheet at a time.

Haha, that’s pretty funny…you might say, “he’s on a roll!”:stuck_out_tongue:

I have one similar to that, but he dispenses paper towels in my kitchen. I also have a toilet paper version in a box somewhere. John Drummond spent a long time trying to find a distributor for those things, but apparently to no avail at the time.

There are two problems with that, but only one might apply to that Japanese version. On mine, if you make him ride forward he tends to go crooked and bind up. Also rolling the paper the wrong way is evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like a gadget of that type has been regularly listed on Ebay for some time.

I Have a mini bike fork to hold my toilet paper.

Married Long? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Be careful not to dispense too fast! That little Uni on the toilet paper may leave skid marks!:p:p:p


Oh I agree… it is needed in our store. I have known about these for ages but have not found a good source of them. I have seen ones that articulated legs as well, they are mega cool… but no source.


thats cool, i may have to make something like that just for the hell of it.