Muni Weekend Episode 3: Oilcan - John's Run

John’s footage of Upper Oilcan

My son John filmed the first day from a different perspective.
For this part, Upper Oilcan, he was filming in 1080p on a Canon T2i.

The no footer (by Beau?) was the most popular clip in Episode 2, so as bonus footage I included all the failed attempts at the end of this one.

John filmed more like a documentary, from afar, catching the ride realistically, and with clips of me both riding and filming. Some of the clips were the same as in my episode 2 footage, but from a different perspective. He helped me editing too, so I call it a film by John.

ok i’m going to bite at this one- the pic was obviously included tot get some attention…so i’ll be the sucker to ask what the go is with the Green nimbus franken Muni? I’d guess that with nimbus dabbling with disc brakes on their 36ers that a muni option might not be that far off for the line- but the Thomson seat post and moment cranks kind of throw that idea.

Anyone know if this is a prototype or just someones pet project?


That was inspiring to watch this morning… I need to ride.
Ya’ll are so lucky to have all those NS rigs.

Seems the trend on MUni films is to always have music behind the action … I do the same.
Would like to see one of your films with just the sound of the forest, unis and riders. Pure.
Thanks for making them,

I included the picture because
a) in the past people have expressed an interest in unusual unicycles I’ve filmed. You’ll see a few more in future episodes
b) John got a few good photos (with DSLR). My tendency is to use photos for the announcement rather than a slide show in the video itself.

I was afraid someone would ask, because I dont know much about the unicycle.
Its a prototype that will be for sale. The color will be different, but otherwise the same.

Thanks Shug! I know what you mean about music.
In the early days (before youtube), I was one of the first to embrace the music video style to unicycle videos, and its still my preferred style. It allows me to express the emotions I want to convey

But I’ve always included (not muted) the sfx, and with imovie added ‘ducking’ to hear/focus on what people say.

With John’s footage, which is basically behind the scenes, it makes sense to do it without the music. I’ll commit to doing an episode for you without music, but I’m working on episode 5, which is an exciting one

Cool … looking forward to it.
I edit a lot of backpacking videos … my big passion … and know that it has to be creative and “work” for the project.

I just included it because John took a few photos, and I like to show them as an attachment, if not in the video. And in the past people have asked about the interesting unicycles people are riding.

But I dont know much about this one. Its a prototype that will be for sale, except the color will be different.