Muni "warm-up" routine(s) and best time of day to ride.

I’m wondering how many serious muni-ers do any kind of “warm-up” like stretching routines before long muni rides. Also, I’m wondering if it’s better to start your ride (especially 2-4 hour rides) in the later afternoon, when it’s not as hot (less chance for sunburn) or, really early morning, like 7am.

To me. the former makes way more sense because by this time your muscles are just naturally more warmed up, and because of this you’re more limber and again, you avoid the worst time of day for sun exposure; 10am-2pm! Because even if you DO start at 7am, and you have a long 4 hour ride, your STILL in that sunburn territory of 11am! What say you? Case in point: Last Saturday I muni’d the “Top of the world” trail and started at 7:30am. Didn’t even have the energy to do what we did the week before when we started at 2pm. Coincidence, or could I have a point? Ormaybe it’s just that I’m used to the early am starts, and ,my body was telling me so! But still, the 10am-2pm time span ahould definitley be avoided, even though I always wear full-spectrum sun-screen! :sunglasses:

I ride trials(which i kno isnt the same) but i do a 10 -15 min stretch before and after every ride, no matter how long im riding for. Plus i do a little warm up of lines i kno i can run clean to get me pumped up to try new things.

In terms of which time to ride, I like to ride from around 5:00-6:00pm and on. So thats when the sun is just starting to set. I like that time because the whole atmosphere is very sombre and its not hot or cold…Its a very nice time to ride.

Hope that helps a bit.


Thanks for that info! Yeah, the later in the day the better, providing I don’t start too late or it’ll be dark by ride’s end! So for muni, 3-4pm start seems optimum, especially in the summer since it stays light out 'till almost 8pm! Although, a night ride (muni) sounds really cool and intriguing! I could get one of those bike lights for my muni, and even get one that you could wear on a helmet! (like a “miner’s” headlight) Awsome! Now I wanna do just that!:smiley:

What time of the day you’re strongest depends on your personal circadian rhythms and diet.

When it’s best to ride depends on your local weather and personal physiology.

Only light till 8pm in the summer??? Geez. Its like 9pm right now up here and its still plenty light out…Its ussually after 10pm till total darkness in the mid summer time. Oh well Im glad you got something from my info.

Yes, I believe I’ve read somewhere that, generally speaking, late afternoon is typically when your muscles are capable of the highest performance. And that has been my experience with cycling. Mornings and just after meals are the hardest.

I don’t usually plan stretches. I just start slowly to warm up.

Quoting from “laugh-in”, that is “Very Interesting”. Here’sa good description of it:

For me, stretching and warming up arnt an issue, cause I take care of that stuff in my regular routine of life, I’m always running and jumping around when im outside and like to mess around doing flips and handsprings, so that keeps me limber and warmed up.

The best time to ride IMO, is right as before the sun is setting. At that time, it isn’t too hot out, the sun isn’t extremely bright, there’s usually a nice cool breeze coming through, and it just feels right. Then when im riding, Ill usually go for about 4-5 hours, and return when its pretty dark, then for the rest of the night I talk with friends and just chill for the reminder of the night.

During the day its either too hot or humid, or im too busy with school and other projects, so my time works perfectly for me.

Yup…jerrick is bang on!

if i am doing a long muni ride i like to go in the early morning and try to be off the trail before noon. late afternoon doesnt usually work around here in colorado because of afternoon showers…riding in the rain isnt bad, but an electrical storm in the mountains is dangerous. Same reason i try not to hike in the afternoon.

I ride when I have the time open. If I had to watch the clock I’d have even less opportunity. That said, definitely in the summer I personally prefer the morning, because here in Sacramento, the hottest part of the day is around 5:00pm. It cools down fast, but that’s a late start.

Stretching is never a bad thing. I used to do it as part of my track racing practice regimen. That and a warmup ride, usually getting to the track. On MUni rides for me, it’s usually more of a warmup that consists of the first part of the ride.

The infamous Brett Bymaster warmup:
Jump out of car, put on gear, ride up the steep hill as fast as you can. When you can’t go any more, you’re pretty much warmed up.