Muni Video Comp

So I thought it would be a cool comp.
anybody is welcome to make a submission. One per person but you’re totally welcome to include other riders in your film.
The deadline is May 15th. Just hit me a link to your video when you’ve uploaded it so I can post a link when people vote on it.

I think the vid should be judged for the creative-ness of the shots and editing as well as the riding.
The best vid won’t neccesarily be the most technical, but the most well made and entertaining.

Who’s in?


YES, finally! we need to bring Muni back. Cant wait, should get my Kh 24 soon and im gunna go shred those north shore trails hard!

I would if mine wasn’t stolen:(…

Yeeeeeesss! A muni vid comp. I’ll try and do one :slight_smile:


Phil, do wanna make one with me?

hellZ YA sucka!!! beacon is sweet right now!!!

Anyone else?

I may be in. But probably not.

Hmm, I may have to do this too. :o

I will if I find the time to film.

I will get owned by Justin… but Might as well do it :slight_smile:

Hopefully riding Fromme this weekend.
If I could get Kris and Justin out, I would so own this! :slight_smile:

Nice! getting back in to Muni and north shore riding awesome. cant wait to see your videos. i ll be out making some when all the snow melts on the trails up here.


We did get up to Fromme this weekend, but Justin wussed out… something about not having his new KH24 yet.
So it was Neal, AnSo and I on “Ladies Only”, which was as high as we could go before being overrun with snow. It was Neal’s first muni ride and he did really well… he got a 24 for xmas.

This coming weekend we’ve got 2 visitors coming to Vancouver to ride muni… one from Quebec and one from Prince George. So it should be a great weekend… except I can’t make it :frowning:
Hopefully someone brings a camera.


I really want to drive to South Mountain but it’s that time of year and too HOT! I could still go and just ride either really early am, or late in the day. But I have three cool MUni venues in mind that are all within an hour’s drive. :smiley:

I’m getting my wheel back from the shop soon so I’ll be able to start filming too…

and remember just to hit me a PM with a link to your vid when it’s finished!

I’ve been riding every day and filming every day for this :smiley:

So far Wolfgang has submited his.
Anyone else working on one?

I’m still thinking about throwing a quick one together…

Crap! I totally forgot about it! I’ll try to get something made. :o