muni tires

for pretty hardcore muni (lots of rocks and drops) which tire do you recommend?

Gazz 3" - $40

gazz 2.6" - $40

duro wildlife 3" - $20(?)

IRC kujo 3" - $40

IRC Kujo 2.6" - $40

Intense something - $?

Arrow racing dh - $?


where are you getting the gazz for $40?
if your somewhat small (I think you are) then go with the duro or the arrow racing I think it is about as wide but a little lighter.

oh yea, one of the things I forgot to mention, is that I hate the duro. :o

I’m not that worried about weight, because this is a muni, not a freesytle uni, but I really wanted to get one of the IRC tires. unfortunantly, the only person who seems to have them is Darren and he isn’t answering emails right now.

edit: im getting the gazz at

Yeah, PLEASE tell us/me where you can get a 24x3 gazz for $40! It’s gone waaaaay up in price on udc…it’s $74!!! it used to be $59, which I thought was still high priced! Now the 24/26x2.6 is $59. Sucks!

Yeah, PLEASE tell us/me where you can get a 24x3 gazz for $40! It’s gone waaaaay up in price on udc…it’s $74!!! it used to be $59, which I thought was still high priced! Now the 24/26x2.6 is $59. Sucks!

Thats in the uk and the price is £29.99 so thats about $60US+shipping.

I dont really think miles needs a Gazz… its kinda really big. Id stick with the duro but since you dont like it for some reason I dont know what to say.

$80 including shipping, not including any import tax you might get charged.


Plus probably a few bucks for using your card internationally.

ide say get a 2.6 gazz. I think duro is pretty crappy for rocky trialsey muni and thats why I have a 3" gazz. and it’s great but a little to big for some stuff
so im getting a 2.6.

oh haha, I looked at that wrong :frowning:

oh well.

For US riders, has a good supply and selection of 24x3 tires. They’ve got Arrow, Kenda, Intense, and others. They don’t currently have the IRC Kujo listed but they used to have it. Give them a call or an email and see what they have that would be suitable.

They don’t have an automated online ordering system so you have to call and give them your order the old fashioned way. Good part about that is you get to ask them questions.

With the price for the Gazzaloddi 24x3 going up my private stock is going up in value. If that keeps up I might be able to trade my supply of Gazza tires straight across for a new KH muni. :smiley:
Keep the prices going up. When it gets to $120 per tire I’m selling and getting a new muni. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the American way! Yeah capitalism!

wht is a cheap tire that just will last me forever, i might need a new one in like 5 months, but im not worried, right now.

you don’t even have a muni that I’m aware of…

um. monty eagle claw?

fudge, go-ride can’t get any nokian tires :’(


I already called them earlier today (before Munivision’s post) and they said the only 24x3 in stock is the “wide bite” which is about $40. He also said it’s really no better than the duro 24x3, and when I told him UDC had them for only $23, he said, “Wow!”, that’s a good deal! So, nothing there in 24x3 except the wide bite.

screw that, I want a gazz junior.

I’ve got all the remaining supply of 24x3 Gazz tyres in my storage closet. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you need a Gazz? It became popular for muni because it was the tyre that everyone was using back in the early days back when the 3" tyre was first discovered. Us old folks continue to use the Gazz because it’s what we’ve always used. Some of us are set in our ways.

It does have more volume than other 3" tires and more cush. But if you’re smaller and lighter than us old adults that extra cush isn’t a big deal at all. Your lighter weight more than makes up for that. A tyre with a rounder profile has advantages for some riding. The square profile of the Gazz can make riding in ruts and cambered trails difficult. The tyre keeps wanting to climb the sides of the rut instead of staying in the rut.


Thanks for the Go-Ride Site John.

Thanks for sharing the Go-ride site John. I didn’t realize that there were so many 24x3" tires out there.

I have been uning the Duro Wildlife Leopard and it has been good to me. No pinch flats and good traction. Originally I have a Kenda Stick-e 2.6 and it also had good tracktion but less shock absorbing capabilities. Keep in mind that I ride some pretty hard single track with a lot of sharp rocks and up to
2’ drops.

Does anyone think that the Gazz, Arrow or Kujo would actually be better than the Duro?