Muni south of Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas on business last week, and took Saturday and Sunday to ride
the Bootleg Canyon trails ( in Boulder City–about 30 minutes
south of Vegas.

Bootleg Canyon has a beautiful variety of cross country and downhill trails.

Down Hill Trails: I began by hiking to the top and trying to ride Prima Donna.
I think this run is named for Missy Giove, but I ended up more like Nancy
Sinatra–whistling “These boots are made for walking” as I climbed, rather than
rode to the bottom. There were times when I hung my unicycle on a rock by its
handle while I scrambled down seven-foot jumps. They credit Brent Thomson with
building these trails, and I met him out working–but my secret suspicion is
that he comes back at night and sharpens the rocks. I’ve never seen such a
nasty dangerous and intimidating trail.

Crosscountry trails: These are marvelous for unicycling. There must be 40 miles
of narrow, rocky, rolling trails in loops and traverses. I rode several, and
had a great time. This would be a great spot for a winter muni weekend.

People: At the base I met a mountain biker who said he rode unicycles. I
figured he meant he had ridden when he was young, and offered to let him try
mine. My suspension seat was too tall for him, but he said he mostly rode a
Kris Holm. I looked suitably impressed, and he said he coached unicycling and
globe walking for Cirque de Soliel. Now he really had my attention. As we
talked he sat on his singlespeed mountain bike, no hands, gently rocking back
and forth–for about 10 minutes without touching the ground. Maybe he could
ride Prima Donna???

David Maxfield
back in South Dakota, but leaving for Ruston, LA this weekend for more riding

Thanks for the write-up. I will probably be out in Las Vegas for vacation in a few weeks and will definitely check out that trail. I can just see myself trudging through the casino floor with my mud-caked Muni!

So who was the guy who coaches unicycles and rolling globes for Cirque du Soleil? And what show has the unicycles in it? Between my once-each viewings of Mystere and O, I saw a total of one ultimate wheel, which was onstage for the amount of time it took to ride across…

Re: Muni south of Las Vegas

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002 13:55:07 -0600, johnfoss
<> wrote:

>du Soleil? And what show has the unicycles in it?
If memory serves, Saltimbanco features a girl who mounts, rides and
idles a giraffe on a high tightrope. Then she does a backflip from the
giraffe onto the tightrope. I have it on VHS.

If memory does NOT serve it’s probably because I’m confusing the video
and the show we saw - they were slightly different.

Klaas Bil

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