Muni : Singletrack guni riding

Riding some local singletrack with my geared 26 inch unicycle.

Great bit of single track and great speed on your guni,thanks for posting.

Thanks for the comment.
I just moved to a new area and there a lot of great singletrails.

Hi Rene,

Nice video.
Were are the singletracks your were riding?
I am enjoying the 36" wheel I bought from you, I go offroad with it a few times a week.

Great filming, riding, and editing. I enjoyed it!:slight_smile:

Great to hear that my 36 inch wheel found a great new home.
And is put to good use.

This film was made at 2 locations in the forest of Baarlo.
The other location was in germany close to the dutch border by Venlo.

Nice video! I was trying to recognize the trails but it seems I couldn’t have known them since you moved quite a way south. I hope you don’t miss the old trails too much.
I find myself reminiscing about the beautiful long trails around Arnhem sometimes, even though I have some of the most entertaining muni trails around here in Freiburg. But the G36er muni was really amazing there and there’s nothing like that here.
Maybe I’ll have to go to Arnhem for a 36er vacation some time…

Looks like fun - even for those without gunis!