Pictures of your latest ride

Are those clipless pedals?

yes. shimano…

This is part of the trail I normally ride 2-3 days per week. Here is one of a couple small bridges that lead to a switchback climbing section… This bridge is close to the half-way point of a 3 mile loop. It takes me close to an hour and provides quite a workout.


Now that’s a 36er trail! :slight_smile:

I half expected a smart a$$ comment from you… :smiley:

More singletrack riding.
Still shot from

singletrack copy.jpg

First week

My first unicycle has arrived last week (thursday) and I love it! :slight_smile:

This is from earlier today at Intermares beach - Cabedelo - PB - Brazil

Uniroyal, unicycle, get it?

I’m not sure what an inflatable 30’ tiger has to do with anything but this sucker just went up yesterday or today along my regular lunchtime ride.


1st Annual VT Uni Fest - Friday Distance Ride

This was a 13+ mile road ride from the Comfort Inn of St Johnsburry, Vt to the Trout River Brewery in Lyndonville. Wheel sizes ranged from 24" to 36". “Just one hill”

VTUF Dist Ride 01.jpg

VTUF Dist Ride 02.jpg

VTUF Dist Ride 03.jpg

VTUF Dist Ride 04.jpg

1st Annual VT Uni Fest - Saturday Muni at Kingdom Trails

Roughly 7 mile trail ride (only a tip of the iceberg) through Kingdom Trails in Burke, Vermont.

VTUF Kingdom Trails 01.jpg

VTUF Kingdom Trails 02.jpg

VTUF Kingdom Trails 04.jpg

VTUF Kingdom Trails 05.jpg

VTUF Kingdom Trails 03.jpg

Looks like you had great weather up in Vermont, so jealous I couldn’t be there, but that is a seriously long drive for a Southerner!

Went for a ride along the beach today. I have a geography exam coming up soon; one of the topics on it is coastal environments, so I ddecided to do some hands-on revision, in the sea :smiley: :

Plus a shot of the unicycles:

MoOoG, nice pics. Really like the second one.

No visible means of support!

Actually, I through my GUni up into the air, and a ranger yelled, “Freeze!”


Thanks! The video is coming soon :slight_smile:


Just had a great father’s day ride with my 7-year-old - both of us novices, him on his two-wheeler and me on my 24". We went to a local trail that’s short and mostly flat. Once I figured out how to freemount on wood chips, we were off and running!

Only a quarter mile, but it felt like a bajillion :slight_smile:

Sadly, no pics of either of us, since we were both pretty hard at work during the effort - but this snap is from the trailhead just as we returned to the start. And just before we went to the running track across the street and logged a couple of somewhat easier miles.

Keep at it! I remember roughly 10 months ago when I first tried Muni and got really discouraged my first outing. I think I UPD’d every 30 feet or so and it took about 10 tries to remount every single time. It probably took me 30 minutes to travel 1/4 mile. That was on a “fitness trail” that was flat and pretty smooth. Now I’m doing 3-4 miles of rough and rooty single track in about an hour at least 3 days per week. Minimum UPD’s and no problems remounting until I get exhausted near the end.

Annual Fathers day 36er ride on Indy Pass - Continental Divide 12,095’± Weather is fantastic high on the divide.

resized pics2012-06-17.JPG

resized pics2012-06-17_1.JPG

resized pics2012-06-17_2.JPG

White-Night Ride in Alaska

Fun ride tonight at the end of a family trip to Alaska with BenNC. We took full advantage of the “white nights” they have up here in June, finishing our ride with the sunset at midnight.

Thanks to Ben for making it out for the late night ride, loaning the uni, navigating safely around the two moose on the trail, and fishing me out of a fast mountain stream that had a slippery wooden bridge I couldn’t resist trying!


Pict 1 shows the sunset in the corner, Mt Denali was visible to the right but didn’t come out in this photo. Pict 2 shows some mountaintops near Anchorage.