Muni rides near Copenhagen


I recently moved to Copenhagen and am looking for riding buddies!
If you are interested in Muni rides, let me know. I go pretty much every week-end…
Also, if you could share nice riding spots, that would be great.
So far, been to



I would love to go! But it’s a bit long to go just for a single ride, but if I someday is around Copenhagen I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

I’m in!
I’ve been to Hareskov a few times, but mostly I just cruise around in town.
Amager Fælled is nice for riding through the woods in the middle of town, but certainly isn’t muni.
Sanne_KJ was telling us that Gribskov, up toward Nivå, has some decent places, but I haven’t made it there yet.


HI Teddy and Tak,

I ride muni several times a week over here Esbjerg, West Jylland. No other muni riders that I know of over here, so it’d be nice to ride with some other folks!

I will be in Copenhagen sometime early May for a weekend, and would love to catch up for a riding day. Not sure of the exact date yet, but will get back to you as soon as I know.

Or alternatively, if you feel like adventuring into the countryside, Esbjerg is only ~3 hours away on the train! It’s pretty flat around here, but there are some “hills” and lots of single track through some of the forrests around here.

Venlig hilsen,

Dmac :slight_smile:

Cool, looks like it will happen!

I will be riding on Sunday morning (11/3/12), get in touch if interested (I’ll PM you guys my mobile number)!
I suggest a ride in Hareskov area, starting from Skovbrynet train station, ~10am…

@dmacuni, definitely get in touch when you know more about your week-end in kobenhavn!

Teddy :smiley:

Sounds good - what size wheel do you ride?

Got a 26, 29 and 36, but for these trails, probably the 29er would be the best compromise. How about you?
So I’ll see u at Skovbrynet station tomorrow? Excellent! If you could txt or PM me your mobile, that would be great, just in case!



I have access to a 24 and a 29, hence the question. :wink:
Now I need to figure out whether I should put my offroad tire back on (I have a tendency to get flats when I use it in town), or chance it on the trails with my Big Apple.
Skovbrynet at 10 it is - I’ll send a text.

I’ll be there too!
I also have a KH29 but I expect the trails to be a little more challenging than my usual rides, so I’ll stick to the 24 to be more comfortable.

You guys can just leave me behind if I’am too slow - or unable to ride the trails of your choice… :slight_smile:

I’ll send a text.


So, how was the ride guys? Got any pics? Looking forward to making it over to Sjaelland sometime soon. Will be in touch before hand. And remember, sunny ol’ Esbjerg is only a short train ride away… hehe :slight_smile:

The weather and trails were excellent but no pics - unless Teddy or Tak took some after I left… :slight_smile:

Teddy is at a completely different skill level than me (as I had concluded from his videos) but it was very inspiring to see some serious muni, and he was very patient. The trails in Hareskoven are much more challenging than my local rides but this is probably what I need at the moment.

We had a lot of comments and questions from mountainbikers and people in the forest - one from a guy taking a pic at a steep downhill (at least to me). He just asked “why?” :smiley:

I am definitely in for some more rides and I will join when you come to Copenhagen if possible.

It could have been fun being with you! But I was in Berlin in this weekend and have first seen this thread now. If you plan another common ride, I’d like to participate.

I sometimes ride in Frederiksdal Skov near Furesøen. Some places are too difficult for me, but you guys will probably be able to ride the somewhat rooty and stony trails.

Best regards,

No pics, too busy riding. Or, in my case, walking uphill after I UPDed.
Made two serious mistakes: bringing the 29/125 (this is Denmark, how hilly could it be?!), and being too lazy to put my offroad tire back on (meh, it’s been pretty dry lately…)
gonzo definitely showed us how it’s done. I’d be up for Sunday rides fairly regularly - anybody have a particular location in mind for this weekend?

so Teddy you’ve left Aberdeen?
Keep some danish pastries for me and I will come visit you!


Yes, we had a great time out there. It is nice to be able to ride with fellow unicyclists! Unfortunately no pictures taken, will do next time! Thanks for the nice comments on my riding skills… I am sure the gap will disappear after a few sessions in the wood! All it takes is practice and finding trails to challenge oneself!
Not sure for this week-end though, I might only have time for a quick ride near my place. Will see how things develop!

@wobbling bear: yes, moved just 2 months ago. Enjoyed my time in Aberdeen, but this is a nice refreshing change! And yes, plenty of danish pastries, so don’t worry there will be some left for your visit!!

@Sanne, it’s a shame you missed last week-end’s ride, but there will be some more! Maybe even this week-end…


The weather should be better Saturday than Sunday according to

Best regards,

Anyone up for this weekend? Weather report looks great!

I’d like to participate.

Best regards,

This looks like another busy week-end where the muni ride will have to fit between 2 other things… :angry:
But I’d like to join you, so let me know when you end up going, and hopefully I’ll be able to come along. Most likely easier tomorrow than Sunday for me.


Sunday is the only option for me -
what about you Sanne and Tak?