Muni Rendezvous at Mt Ida, AR Oct. 27th and 28th

The weekend of October 27th and 28th plan on meeting at Mt Ida, AR for a Muni Rendezvous at the Womble Trail. The trail there offers many options with 200 ft bluff views of the river obtainable by a rider of any skill level. Located 40 miles west of Hot Springs is the ideal spot to stay (located at the main trailhead) is They have reasonably priced cabins with a flat rate per night regardless of the number staying there for under $60 a night (they just ask if additional people stay in the cabin that they bring linen and towels due to laundry expense). 2 of the 6 cabins there have already been reserved. Plus there is a campground with electricity, water, and a lake swimming area there as well. No campground showers, but there will be one available at the cabins (just please bring towels). For non-riders there is crystal hunting (area is famous for them and the World Crystal Championship is being held there October 11-13), fishing, sight seeing in Hot Springs, and Mountain bikers welcome though they might be laughed at for needing a training wheel.

I’ll be there.

I remember your pics from last year. What great views! My family will make the trip but will venture on in to Hot Springs for a day to do tourist stuff.

Great time of year for trails.

Who else?

I called some Muni riders I met in Moab that are from Dallas, TX and they plan on being there was well - 2 or 3 more riders…

This will be an excellent MUni Rendezvous.

Womble Trail review on

Sure looks tempting…

So give in to temptation…

Picture taken near the river bluff views. My back tire is on the trail and if I let go of my bike it would take me hours to retrieve. These bluffs are easy to reach since the climbs tend to zig-zag up the side of the hills. Why the orange vest? Didn’t realize it was opening day for rifle deer hunting, and the owner of the Fishing Village was kind enough to offer and worried enough to insist I wear it.

Womble Riverview.jpg


I explained the orange vest, but I guess I should have explained the extra wheel. I went with a handicapped friend who needs 2 wheels to enjoy a trail, and I didn’t wish to make him feel worse by riding a Muni…

So, do you have a cabin for sat nite only, or friday and sat nite, or fri-sat-sun? Do you have room for a couple more from up Wichita way?
Is Womble 36able?

Have you stayed in the cabins before?

I am still thinking about maybe coming and am wondering if I would be better off in a tent. However, staying in a cabin would sure cut down on the equipment needed.

I have stayed at the cabins before, and though old styling they are clean. I have one reserved for Fri/Sat, but it is only a 2 bed one and still waiting to see if another OKC rider is going to commit. Give the people at a holler and see what they have, and reservations don’t require any down just a couple days warning if you don’t come. If anyone does camp I am sure they will allow placement by a cabin and I would be happy to share the bathroom (just bring your own towels please…) I also have a LARGE tent that I will be glad to set up if need be, and that will be no problem since I plan on being there early Friday. Thanks for considering riding with us!

I would have to say large portions would be…

Reserved a cabin tonight. So the group will be +2 from Wichita. Sounds like a great time.



Getting close. Superb venue.

Add me to the list. I made a cabin reservation today. Unless I can recruit someone else from the area it will be just me.

Glad to have you join us! Just so you know it sounds like there will be several Cokers there too so if you have a road wheel you might want to pack that as well. Looks like all the surrounding states are going to be represented so does anyone know of a rider from Arkansas??


Is anyone bringing kids (12 y/o+)? My son is bugging me to come. He’s a pretty good rider but would be stuck on his 20" street wheel. If this is going to be adults only he can sit it out, no big deal.


We (Memphis Club) have riden many times with kids on 20" wheels and they have done just fine. We welcome all riders.

I have a 29" but I am not a very fast road rider.