Muni: Nimbus/QU-AX/Mad4One

I am looking at buying my first real Muni. I have an OLD 26" uni that I’ve tried to set up for muni (as fat a tire as I can fit: 2.1 and it rubs a bit), but it flexes and I am looking to get something that I won’t have any trouble with. I like the speed aspect of the 26, because I ride my uni around my college campus, but sometimes wish for a bit more slow control(which I’ve experienced borrowing friends smaller wheels). I also want to progress my muni riding, so I have been looking at 27.5 as a decent balance.
I am looking at the Nimbus Muni 27.5($460), the Mad4One 27.5($455), and the QU-AX 27.5($457) all without brakes(I don’t need one now).
I just want to ask all of you who know more or have experience with these about the differences in quality, durability, and value, as they are all about the same price. I am also happy to hear if you have other brands to propose.

Just a modification. I set the delivery destination to United States, and QU-AX 27.5 is about $500 with shipping. The Nimbus is about $480 with shipping. The Mad4One is about $620 with shipping. Enough said. Cost is influential. I’d still love info or experiences from others.

Looks like this is about $100 low.

As far as quality and durability I’d say they are all about the same.

Are you aware whether they ship to the USA? When I submitted my mailing address, it said “There is no shipping method available for your order. Please contact us directly to complete this order.”
So I clicked contact and wrote to them. A vague error message, so I’m curious if anyone knows if they ship to the USA.

I think the main Qu-Ax distributor for North America is

Shipping for me to TN was $35.

Edited to say for me the Q-Axle hub seems to be the “Best” at the moment, but I have 9 ISIS unicycles, so I like the interchangeability I get from keeping that, which for me is more important than the weight savings. KH also seems to be moving towards the same spline pattern as q axle, and most of the MTB world has already switched over.

I see from your profile that you have a nimbus 27.5. How would you compare that to the Qu-ax?

My m4o 27,5er was sooo much lighter than my 26er Quax muni, I’d go for m4o again for sure!

Are we talking steel or aluminum? At this price point we’re talking steel across the board. You won’t see much weight difference between the 3. yes, Bearz M4O is lighter, but that’s because he probably has the aluminum M4O (Which is one of the top unicycles there is).

The differences you’ll see are:
Nimbus - A bit heavier (mostly due to the tire), fatter tire, disc brake ready
Qu ax - lightest hub standard, not disc ready, lightest /skinniest tire
Mad4One (URC) - disc ready, fatter tire, a bit heavier than the QX, I don’t like the stamped steel frames as much, need to keep a socket or wrench on hand to remove the wheel.

Note weights are relative, tires can be changed, and none of these will be lighter than aluminum.

You may not need one now, but think about the future. If you have any decent hills/mountains nearby, you are likely to want a brake. I encourage you to get something that is at least brake ready with the proper mounts.

These all have mounts. The qu-ax has rim mounts. I don’t know if the wheel is ready for that, though.

For my price range, I’m just looking at steel frames.

oh yes, that´s true, my m4o is aluminum, my quax steel (and yes again, my m4o did cost touble that amount :slight_smile: )…

and yes again, slight weight differences won´t make that big of a difference, there are sooo many components that also contribute to weight (safety equipment, shoes, clothes in general, water or not, food and repair kit or not) … . Imho the mentioned disc brake readiness is a relevant thing (even if brakes are not an issue right now, maybe they will be in the future).

Yeah would second this. I ran with brakes for years but have occasionally had issues with my knees in recent times. Perhaps the unicycling didn’t cause this (maybe I am just getting old) but I suspect not using brakes didn’t help either. I still have two unis without brakes (indeed I cycled one to work today) but if I am going anywhere with lots of hills or just going for a long ride I would always take one of the unis with brakes now.

Thank you guys. I’ll definitely look for one that is disk-ready.

Another question that I’d love to hear people’s opinions or experiences on:
Big wheel vs Smaller wheel? I am looking at both 27.5 and possibly 24 for a muni. For those who have more experience or ride Muni a lot, which wheel is better for learning/what are the advantages you’d give to each?

I don’t do very much muni or have much experience in muni but when i do i either take my 26 or my 27.5.
Personally I would go for the 27.5 purely because there is loads of choice of tyres as it’s very popular with those funny two wheeled things and plus could you always put a smaller wheel in that frame

I have both 27.5 and 24 Muni’s. 24 is easier to learn and better for the steeper terrain. 27.5 is better all around for a mix of terrain for me. Also 27.5 rolls over debris on the trail better. 24 can be frustrating on longer flat or moderate terrain. Both are good and will be fun. Best depends on your ability, fitness and terrain. You need both…

Thank you guys. I am looking to both get into Muni and also focus on my technical skill. I ride around a lot for getting to classes and other things. Does anyone know a reasonable max speed for each tire size? I like to get places but also have fun. Are stairs and such doable well on a 24? Is more technical/trial riding doable on a 27.5?

I had a 24” and sold it because I didn’t like it at all. I found it boringly slow and tyre options are not great for them.

27.5” is lots better in every way personally as I like everything about the size.

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For each size, 27.5 and 24, how would anyone compare the riding of 150mm vs 125mm cranks? (Muni specific)

Here is a handy chart with wheel sizes/crank lengths.

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