MUni minute: 36er Lite

Out riding my 36er with carbon rim and T-monster tire. Got it down to just 14.5 lbs and it sure is fun offroad!


Now we just need carbon fiber frames… Those trails look really nice, the ones by me were too muddy to even walk last I checked. Your videos remind me of what trail riding can be like, so I’ll keep hoping they become rideable soon.

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Yeah but we don’t need carbon frames, especially for muni.

Our tubing is already so skinny compared to mountain bikes for what we can do with it, so moving to carbon fibre wouldn’t be much of a weight benefit.

The major downside is that the day it bounces down a rock garden it’ll be new frame time.

Bike frames just don’t collide with trail obstacles very often. Mountain unicycle frames do.


Yeah, weight savings are noticed mainly in the outermost rotating mass, i e., rim, tire, tube.

I would be looking for a better ride if anything , makes big difference in bikes. Might notice it more on the road .

So light! It must be a blast on hills/rough terrain. How did you do the rotating animation at the beginning? The uni seemed to rotate very precisely around the center of the frame.

Carbon frame for Muni? Already got one (in 1998). It’s made of thick, burly tubing and is still crazy light. It could take all kinds of drops onto rocks. Unfortunately it only fits relatively narrow tires so it hasn’t gotten out much in a long time. :frowning:

I did it using stop motion animation. I set up the camera, and then I simply rotated the unicycle horizontally about 1 or 2 inches at a time. It took about 35 separate movements to complete a full 360 rotation. I also used fishing line tied to the brake so the wheel/cranks wouldn’t move during the sequence.