MUni Meetup thread (LA/OC/SB)

I know there are a couple mailing lists, but not everyone subscribes, and there are always new riders/forum members just coming on the scene, looking for meetups and others to ride with. So this thread will be for posting local MUni ride meetups and also coker rides.

Tomorrow, Saturday 4/24/10, I’ll be riding MUni at the “Hummingbird” trail in Simi Valley, getting there about 8-8:15am. If anyone wants to meet for a group ride, this is an awesome trail and lots of fun. Not very long at only about 2.5 miles, or a total of 5 out/back, there are plenty of technical sections to challenge you. I sometimes follow this ride with another trail known as “Devil’s Slide”, which is only 5 minutes from Hummingbird. Drop a reply here if you can make it, or send an IM.

If anyone has MUni or 36er ride ideas for Sunday or whenever, please post them here. Cheers! :smiley:

I have found myself with a whole week off! Should anyone want to ride let me know. I would like to hit the Fullerton loop one morning this week and am open to other places.

Does anyone know if it is ok to park at the Fullerton courthouse on weekdays?

I’m going to be in San Diego fairly early Friday and all day Saturday. I can drive up and do a ride if anyone is planning on a ride.

What about Aliso woods? It’s a lot further for me than for you, I’m sure, but I’d be up for that maybe Wednesday or Thurs. There’s a wide variety of trails there, from beginner to advanced. The coyote canyon ride is the easiest and it’s also shaded for the most part. We usually drop into that trail after cholla and rockit or lynx.

I’m off Fridays and usually ride in the AM. Always up for a get together in SoCal.

If you pick a ride, let me know where and when. I’ll figure out how to get there. I’ll be traveling Thursday and depending on where you are riding, I can get a room near that location. After the ride, I’ll drive on to San Diego. I’ll be bringing my 24, 26, and 36. The 24 is my favorite for off road.

That sounds like a lot of fun. Either day would be good for me so far. Wanna shoot for Wednesday and confirm Tues. eve? If something comes up it could still be pushed back a day.

Mbalmer & Munivision …Friday is a small possibility but my fiancee and I have plans to start Saturday early if she can get out of work. Sunday is the Idyllwild race. It is usually more likely that I would be free on a weekend but not this time.

Yeah Friday is out for me due to work commitments. So far, Thursday is ideal for me, but I may book a tuning job unless we agree to ride on that day asap, in which case I’ll leave Thurs. open for the ride. Also, best time to start would be either early am, like 8-9am, or late afternoon, around 4pm, leaving 3.5 solid hours of ride time before sunset. let me know. :smiley:

You don’t have to give up a paying gig, I am totally flexible. Morning is good and evening is also good. How about Thursday whichever slot is best for you.

As long as I know when I’m going, I can still schedule work that day, either before the ride if we meet late afternoon, or after, if we meet am. Would 8am work for you? Are you up for any technical riding, like rockit or lynx? Here’s a video i made just two weeks ago, and rode almost all the trails that day, including 5 oaks. Rockit footage starts about 1:30.

Both have a fair amount of rocky sections. We could start at the top starting point of Cholla, then take that to either lynx or rockit, then drop into Coyote canyon after that for the ride back to the cars.

Morning is actually better for me. 8am is ok. I looked at the youtube vid. It looks a little more technical than I am used to but it looks like a good challenge. I am into doing it especially if it is only sections that are extreme, than in the worst case I won’t clear them all.

As for the route we take I will follow your lead, I haven’t ridden there before. Just let me know where to meet you! :smiley:

We’ll meet at the park at the bottom of Canyon Vistas st. I take the 405 S from my area, (Torrance/Redondo) and then take the 73 S the rest of the way. There is a toll booth you have to go through just before exiting, but it saves a fair amount of time and is really worth it, imo.

You then continue on the 73 S and take the Glenwood exit, which comes up quickly after the toll booth. Turn Right on Glenwood (which becomes pacific park dr. almost immediately in that direction, (so don’t worry if you look at a street sign and it doesn’t say “Glenwood”) and the very next right is Canyon Vistas, which you take to the bottom, where it ends at the park entrance.

I will pm you so we can exchange cell numbers if one of us are running late, and to touch base on the day of the ride. Let’s set the meet time for between 7:50-8:20am, as traffic considerations may throw us off a bit.

So far we have 2 riders meeting at Aliso woods this Thurs am. around 8am. If a 9am start would be easier for anyone else who might be thinking of joining me & Kevin let me know. Maybe munivision (Jim) can make it since he lives so close by to Aliso woods, and also mbalmer. Should be perfect MUni weather Thursday!

Yeah…Some of you may have real jobs with paid sick days…I heard there is a (uni)bug going around. :smiley:

I’ll be on the road Thursday. I won’t be there until late in the day. You can give me the coordinates or a map showing where you are riding and where to park my truck. If there is still enough daylight, I may be able to ride that evening. I would like to try this technical stuff though I don’t drop more than a foot.

The directions are above, in post #12. I don’t know the actual numerical address, but the park is easy to find.

Change in venue! Kevin (deadbeatpope) and I are going to meet at Sullivan Canyon instead of Aliso. Meetup time is 8:30am on Thursday 4/29/10. Located just above Sunset in the Pacific Palisades area, it’s super easy to find, fully shaded, and just a beautiful trail all around! Moderate to intermediate terrain, with an easy and slight uphill heading out, and all DH coming back.

Anyone else interested in joining us, drop me a PM to rsvp, and I’ll reply with directions if needed. :smiley:

Yeah, what he said. :sunglasses:

mbalmer, Unimog and I are doing Woods Friday am. All are invited.

I’ll be working Friday, hence tomorrow’s ride at Sullivan with Kevin. Have a fun ride! :slight_smile: