MUni Meetup thread (LA/OC/SB)

If Terry doesn’t exhaust me too bad on Thursday and my GF can’t get out of work on Friday I may join you guys…

9:00am Canyon View Park.

Fun ride today at Sullivan and Kevin rode his 29er. We did about 7 miles out/back. Perfect weather too.

I had a great time riding with Terry yesterday. Sullivan canyon is a serene and beautiful place if any of you get the chance to go. It is a fun trail with good challenges along the way. Luckily I brought the bigger wheel because I had to catch up after falling many times. Terry rides so intrepidly - I almost suspect that the UPDs in his videos are staged! :stuck_out_tongue: He taught me the virtues of lower tire pressure so I will be experimenting with that.

Ended up working until midnight so I will be taking the morning slowly. Have fun at Aliso Woods everybody!

Yeah Sully was fun, and Kevin did great, and flew up the last 1/3 mile steepy leading out of the canyon at the end of the ride like it was nothing, passing by me effortlessly! :smiley: Below is a pic taken with Kevin’s camera. Both our cameras were going off about the same time, so I must’ve been looking down at mine, while his was perched higher up. :o

Don’t you people have day jobs? :angry:

It sounds like fun. I am sorry I could not make it.


Some of us (me) called in sick.

MUni ride Saturday AM 5/22

Munivision and myself are planning to ride Saturday morning. We have not determined a location as of yet. If anyone else is interested please chime in.
Aliso-Wood? Whiting Ranch (Lake Forest)? Santiago Woods (Orange)? Sycamore Cyn (Riverside)?

Whiting is great right now. What is Santiago woods like? Never done it. Anything worth while in Chino Hills? What about climbing or shuttling something up Saddleback? Holy Jim? I am up for whatever.

Why not do the San Jaun trail (the long one with shuttle) like we did way back in '06!? That is an awesome trail, and will make for a great, multi-hour adventure.

I’m there if you are!!

San Juan Trail? When and where do we start? Where so we finish? It sounds like you intend to ride it one direction. How many hours will it take? I assume a 24" KH would be appropriate.

Would Saturday May 22 at 9 AM be a good time to start?


If we want to do a 9:00 start from Blue Jay two of us should meet at the bottom at 8:30 to leave a car there.

Scott, it is about a 10 mile one way single track with 2,500’ of drop and 700’ of gain. I have never done it on the muni, but great fun on a mtb. It is off Ortega Hwy.

Terry and I did it a few years ago, don’t remember when we started but it took around 5 hours. Now with Terry, you know some videography took time.
My house is probably closest so would be a good meeting point. We’ll take my truck and one other car. If we meet at the end, there will be 3 cars there and we do need parking passes. Passes are not available at the base. I will get one, I know they are available at Sport Chalet and I am pretty sure at the Blue Jay camp ground, I’ll find out.
My cell is 949-310-7232

This is a great ride by the way!

Ok this will be epic-ness! What’s the meeting place & time? I would really like to be on the trail starting to ride no later than 9am of possible. :smiley: Please advise, copy that, over?

OK, Jim and I both have parking passes and he lives a few minutes away from Ortega Hwy so we should meet at his house. I agree with Terry on starting to ride no later than 9:00 so Jim can make the call on what time we should meet at his house to make it work.

Anybody else in? It is a great trail and the more riders the better!

From what I remember, it’s roughly 10-11 miles down from the top, and quite technical in sections. I think I may bring my 29er, since it handles so well on the rough terrain. :slight_smile: In order to get to the shuttle points and drive to the trail head, we should probably meet about 7:15am of we want to be riding by 9am. Should I get a pass?

If we meet at Jim’s we don’t need any more passes as we can just take two cars in.

Looks like 4! Gonna be great. My house at 7:30am? That will get us riding before 9.
My address: 25241 Fairgreen, Mission Viejo, CA 92692 I’m off the 5 at La Paz. Don’t know how to link a map :thinking:

Got my parking pass.

I’m jealsous and missing out on all the fun! Hope to ride with all of you in July!!!