Muni in the Salt lake Area??

Im on vacation in the salt lake area and wondering if there was anything going on in the next week. let me know!!

SLC Muni Saturday, May 7th?

Hey Manon1wheel & fellow Salt Lakers,

The trails are drying above the University & Avenues, and the weather forecast is looking good (no snow!), so I see no reason we shouldn’t get together for some muni this Saturday, May 7th. So, what times would work best for folks? Morning? Afternoon? Both?

I propose that we meet up at the top of Terrace Hills Drive at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.

What say ye?

UPD in Utah

My daughter is thinjking of attending the UU next Fall, so we may be coming out to visit often.

What’s the riding community like out there?

Anyone go to UU and have opinions on a liberal non-mormon white southern girl attending UU?

Hi UPD, I live outside the valley, so afternoons are tougher for me, but I work downtown, so lunch hour rides is something I’d be interested in. I don’t, however, have a muni. I only have a 24-inch trainer. Are there any moderate trails around that wouldn’t require a muni? I was thinking of maybe checking out some of the more level sections of the Bonneville Shoreline trail and just push the uni on the steeper parts and then ride on the more level parts. Just thinking out loud here. :smiley:

Oops, I meant to say Saturdays are tougher for me.

Would love to ride on Saturday. Time to break in my new muni properly. Early afternoon works best for us. As close to noon as possible. Single track preferred. Can’t wait for summer!

Yikes - how many riders are there in Salt Lake that I don’t know?

I might be able to make a muni ride Saturday afternoon.

And - there may be some trials riding with the SLUP gang on Sunday afternoon.

UPD in Utah and I have ridden together a few times, and he is kind of becoming the hub of the wheel on getting more of a riding group together. He rides with a few others and has had yet others contact him, so it is prime time to try getting together on a more regular basis… Send him or me a PM a little before you are headed out here and we will set up a ride.

I attended the U of U and it is a very diverse school with students from all over and from all backgrounds. It is a beautiful campus, and a laid back atmosphere. There are students living near the school and in dorms, but there are a large number of commuter students living all around the SLC area. In case you are wondering, the mormons are not scary. :smiley: Some of them actually even ride unicycles :astonished: :sunglasses:

I lived in the South (Alabama) twice in the Army and really enjoyed it there. If she needs help getting acclimated for the first week or two my wife and I would be happy to help out.


I can’t make it this Saturday, but let’s keep this idea going and try to get together once in a while for a group ride. Muni is probably the main attraction, but big wheel rides on the Jordan River Parkway are great, and there are a lot of parks in town that offer a nice environment for riders of varying skills and styles; Sugar House, Liberty, Murray, just to name a few…

You guys are soooo old! Well, I may come out this summer, depends on how the bc skiing goes in Colorado in early June, but we may float out that way to visit and ride.

My wife is the one that’s a bit nervous about our daughter going to U of U, fears that she won’t have enough social interaction due to the big school/commuter school affect.

We all love SLC and Utah, and are planning to follow her out if she doesn’t go to school in Oregon or Colorado.

Got any pics of the local riding?

Did you say “wise?”

Hey Ben,

I’m the oldest (wisest?) muni rider I know, but I’m sure there are many who are older AND can leave me in the dust. Our local riding community seems to be a mix of older riders who like muni and distance & younger riders who like trials & street & muni. I have yet to meet “everyone,” and folks keep appearing on the scene almost weekly.

As for our riding opportunities … they are many & varied. From nearby rolling trails through desert scrub in the foothills above the city & University (see “Charly Oldie’s” blog entry: ), to higher elevation lift-served or self-powered single track through aspen & fir, to Moab’s famous slickrock 4 hours to the South. I’ve really only just begun to explore all the possibilities, having taken up muni only 2 years ago – but I’ve been having a blast rediscovering unicycling after some 40+ years since I first learned.

For more on both the community & local riding opportunities, I’ll post some links to a few photos I uploaded in the “pictures of your latest ride” thread, and maybe a post a few new ones after Saturday’s inaugural Salt Lake Uni Group (SLUG) ride – assuming it comes together as I hope.

As for your daughter and the U of U, I second what NotSoYoungOne said. I went there for grad school and am glad I did. Yes, the undergrad classes are large – like at most Universities – but it is a very diverse student body from all over the World, and it has much to offer. (Of course you might want to be careful using the “L-word” (i.e., liberal) here in the reddest state in the Union! But that’ another story for another day.) If your daughter has any interest in outdoor activities (esp. skiing) she won’t regret coming to Utah at all. The U has one of the most active Outdoor Recreation programs in the country, and the opportunities are endless. Plus, SLC has more culture than you might have guessed with: a major symphony; ballet company; opera company; numerous theater companies; a great local music scene; superb PUBLIC radio; etc. And the weather is pretty darned good too (except for this recent “endless” winter – which gave us our most recent coating of snow in town last Saturday).

By all means, get in touch when you come through town. I’d be happy to show you our local muni trails AND favorite urban haunts & hangouts.


UPD in Utah

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)

Hey Darth,

Good to hear from you. I’m not sure what “outside the valley” means, but if it means Park City, you’ve got company.

At any rate, I just did a ride on the BST above Research Park with DLF before work this morning and there are definitely parts that can be ridden on a 24" trainer.

In fact, some of the flatter, smoother sections are those right above Research Park and the U of U. However, it does get kind of rough & rocky in a hurry above that. Still, there are sections you (and others looking to get into muni) could have fun on on trainers – which is why I think I’m going to change the venue for Saturday’s ride to start in the parking lot above “383 Colorow Drive,” which is a relatively new building in the University of Utah complex that sits at the top of Research Park, between the new Museum of Natural History and the Huntsman Chemical Co. headquarters building, and a little ways South of Red Butte Gardens.

Stay tuned for details and directions … and please join us if you can!

-UPD in Utah

1 p.m.?

Hey Anthony,

How about 1 p.m. on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail above Research Park? I did a ride there before work today and the trails are in great shape. Plus, there are all levels of difficulty close by, and miles of options.

Stay tuned for details…

UPD in Utah

(a.k.a. Bert)

Will do! Thanks!

… and at least one older rider who likes trials. :slight_smile:

I’m not totally clear on where you mean. As far as I know that could describe a couple of locations, but it’s been a while since I’ve been up there. Could you give a street or an address to meet at?

Saturday’s Muni… (5.7.2011)


It may not be a consensus, but I think it’s a good place for riders of many backgrounds & ability levels to meet and set out, and the local trails are dry, so here are the details:

1 p.m., Saturday, May 7th, 383 Colorow Drive, Research Park, between the new Museum of Natural History/Red Butte Gardens and the Huntsman Chemical Co. Headquarters.

Directions: From Foothill Drive head East on Wakara Way into Research Park and up the hill. Proceed past the University Park Marriott (on the left) to the 4-way stop at Wakara & Chipeta. Continue straight through intersection, up the hill on Wakara to next road on the right (just before the Red Butte Gardens/MNH entrance) – this “top road” to the right is Colorow Drive. Take a Right and go a few hundred yards to the first Left – this is the driveway up to 383 Colorow. Go up and around the building to reach the parking lots above. We’ll meet in the upper lot near where the trail heads up towards Red Butte.

Since it’s an out-and-back, you can go as long/far as you and other riders want. I’m thinking I’ll ride about 5-6 miles for 1.5 hours or so. Trails range from easy to moderate, with some short technical sections that can be bypassed/walked. I prefer to hike many of the uphills since riding them wears me out in a hurry. Nice views of the City. Dry trails. Good fun with fellow one-wheelers.

Hope to see you there!

-UPD in Utah

I’m in. looking forward to it.

I hope you will take pictures and share how it went. I wish I could come. I’ll work on a hopeful trip to Utah. I know I’m going to Oregon. I suppose it will depend a great deal on gas prices.

The gas is for your support vehicle?


Future Plans…

For those of you (local) muni riders that couldn’t join us today, I’d be curious to know what day of the week & time of the day would work best for you for group rides. Please post or PM your preferences. For those living near the U of U campus & east bench, DLF & I have started doing rides before work (generally 6:30 a.m.) on Thursdays on the BST or the Pipeline Trail up Millcreek. You’re welcome to join us anytime!

For those passing through, give us a head’s up, and we’ll try & put together a ride around your visit.

And, for those locals that prefer trials & street, I know there used to be a group that met at Liberty Park (on Saturday afternoons, I think). Has that group disbanded, and/or are there other who would like to start it up again?

Looking forward to meeting you ALL!


UPD in Utah