MUNI in the Black Hills

Next July we will be hosting a Muni Weekend in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We’ll be staying at Trout Haven, just across the street from a great entrance to the Centenial Trail.

Trout Haven provides the option of cheap cabins ($75 per cabin) or camping. They have a trout pond, restaurant, and small store on the property.

The Centenial Trail is one of the premier mountain bike trails in the nation. It’s a mix of single and double track that covers over 100 miles. We are exploring it, and we’ll post photos soon.

Here is a link to the Centenial Trail:

I will get you more info as the date gets closer. We aren’t looking for a giant rally–20 to 40 riders would be plenty.


David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

This sounds great!! Pick a date and I’ll mark my calender. I’m looking forward to it.


That sounds great! I was looking for a reason to take my wife to the Black Hills. I grew up in Huron (Go Tigers!).

Back in college we rode many weekends out in the Black Hills. What are your thoughts about riding around Mt Ruchmore and Harney Peak. I remember a nasty mt bike trail starting at that Presidential lake on the Needles highway and finishing up in the parking lot of Mt Rushmore.

Please forward dates and such and we’ll hope to attend.


Definitely pick a date!

We’ve already pencilled in Yellowstone for next Summer, what’s another state when you’re that far anyway.

I can’t make it and certainly couldn’t do it even if I could make it, but can’t help wondering if there isn’t a Beatles song hiding in there.

Now somewhere in the Black MUni Hills of Dakota
There lived a young boy named…

Have fun :slight_smile:
Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

When choosing dates watch out for UNICON, which will start on July 23 (plus travel time to Japan). NAUCC dates are as yet unknown.

So David Maxfield is now in Mitchell, SD. How do you like it?

Here are some photos from our ride in the Black Hills last weekend. I’m riding with my nephew, PJ.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

Let’s try this photo thing again.

And again…? :smiley:

Hey “B.O.B” where do you ride in up there? I am possibly going to SpearFish at the end of the month and was considering taking the Muni…

I can’t figure out the photo thing. I attach images, but they never appear.

If you are looking for a ride near to Spearfish, let me recommend Crow Peak. I haven’t done it yet, but it sounds very good. It’s a climb up, followed by a technical ride down.

You climb 1600 feet in 3.5 miles. The top is rocky and steep–sounds like a fun ride down. The trailhead is 4 miles south of Spearfish on the Higgins Gultch Road (BHNF Road 214). Avoid late afternoon if it looks like thunderclouds–the lightening up there is dangerous.

An easier variety of trails would be the Little Spearfish, Rimrock, and Old Baldy trails. These are 16 miles southwest of Spearfish.

From Cheyenne Crossing drive 5.5 miles north on US 14A. Turn left onto BHNF Road 222 and drive 4.8 miles to the trailhead, which is located just beyond Timon Campground.

If you do any of these rides, then be sure to give us a report. There are hundreds of miles of trails in the Black Hills, and I want to make sure we pick the best.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

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Those look like nice rides! I doubt I’d be able to make it, but I saw an ad for South Dakota the other day on T.V. and was thinking that it looked like a nice place to MUni.