Muni for sale on e-bay

Like jagur, I am selling one of my unicycles too. I have it listed on ebay if anyone is interested.

I’m just selling it to finance a bike related project. (Xtracycle) I put on the airseat off my 29er to spuce it up for the sale. Otherwise, I always used a Viscount/Reeder handle setup on it.

Specs are as follows:

-Profile Racing unicycle hub
-Profile Racing cranks, black, 160mm, Brand New
-Snafu BMX Downhill pedals
-Sun Doublewide Downhill rim, 24 inch
-13-14 guage butted downhill spokes
-Nokian 24x3 inch downhill tube
-Nokian 24x3 inch Gazzaloddi downhill tire
-Yuni frame, chrome but painted over with OD green paint
-Odyssey BMX seat post clamp
-Miyata seat post
-Miyata Roach unicycle air seat with GB4 stiffener plate

cheers… Mojoe

Tempting… :slight_smile:

How much to ship to Hawaii? zip: 96821

bumpity bump

i wish i had an ebay account,that looks like fun

So is there no reserve on that thing?

Nope, I didn’t place a reserve on it. I should have, but I was half asleep when I listed it.


Does the Profile hub and crank have the lifetime warranty?

I have a few questions:

Can you tell me the specific condition of the parts, such as the seat and the frame?

Why did you replace the cranks?

What is the frame painted over with? Will the paint last or is it a low quality spray paint?

Thanks. If the price stays low I might buy it.

The warrenty is suppose to be for the original owner, but I’m not sure how strict they are on it. I planned on sending my part of the warrenty card with the muni, just in case they would validate it. Or whoever gets it could send in my part of the warrenty card and just use my name and their address.

I just warrentied the cranks, so they are brand new. I had bent the original cranks slightly, 3 days after I got the wheel built. They weren’t bent enough to bother me, I just wanted to try some shorter cranks, which they let me do when I warretied them.

I really hate to see it go, as I spent $458 on the wheel alone. A local wheel builder built it for me and it’s a super bomber wheel. He used 13-14 guage butted spokes, so that the 13 guage part is where it goes though the hub, that way it’s a goot tight fit between the spoke and the spoke holes in the hub.

cheers… Mojoe

Who cares about how it’s painted and stuff, IT"S GOT A FREAKIN" AIR SADDLE AND A PROFILE HUB FOR UNDER 200!!! That’s a awesome deal!

Only 8 hours to go :astonished:

Get in there and place your bids :roll_eyes:

I’ve got it packed up and ready.


Dang…it’s gonna go off at 3 AM…My brother might want it. But I dunno if he’ll be up then.

I’m stayin up.

Good luck guys. Someone is going to get one great Muni. I’ll find out who the proud new owner is in the morning. --chirokid–

someone bid already, sniping is so lame.

The bidding on this muni is hilarious. There is a person bidding who goes by the name “happyday4u” who sells doll clothes and sewing stuff. What are they doing bidding on a muni with a Muni Militia sticker and toy army man green paint? That is not the type of person I would expect to be bidding on this unicycle.

We were laughing about this at work yesterday. We figure it’s someones mom.


Re: Muni for sale on e-bay

On Thu, 1 Jan 2004 22:35:12 -0600, myocardial
<> wrote:

>We were laughing about this at work yesterday. We figure it’s someones

Mojoe’s mom, trying to up the price?

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Today (2 January) is the first day this year that is not the first day this year.

Got too rich for my blood out there! 2 hours to go and I’m out.

Maybe I’ll go for one of your receivers.


im still in :smiley: !!!

tip for thoes who dont want to get sniped at the last second by someone, I dont know how well it works or not but my friends have had some luck with it. Dont end your price in 0 or 50c instead bid like 330.78.

Good luck to all who are bidding.