Muni for sale on e-bay

Holy Crap,

I never expected that.


I didn’t figure anyone would stay up this late to try and out bid you.

I had expected it to go for $305

thanks… Mojoe


Jagur and I stayed up chatted online while we watched that fiasco.

Congrats to obie on a new ride.

Congrats to Mojoe on what I bet is a much bigger boost to his project than was expected! :slight_smile:


Right, I had resigned myself to selling it for around $300.

TheObieOne3226 is a real trooper for hanging in there like that.

TheObieOne3226, I’ll try and squeeze a Fireball tire into the box for you.


Thanks for the congrats everyone. I think I may have gotten a little overzealous with the bidding. Oh well. What’s $500 to a megapimp like me???

Mojoe if you’re on right now check your PMs in like 10 mins. BTW who was that guy with a series of number. I wanna know.

Mojoe you should have taken the $300 lol.

I had a $300 buy it now on it when I listed it.

Then, I felt pretty stupid for not putting on a reserve price.


Check PMs. It’s in there. I wish i had seen that Buy it now. I would have bought it then.

Let’s not discuss the super secret PMs (gasp).

Hey. What do you say about free shipping??? J/P

man,i wish i had auctioned my 29er.i guess you never know what gonna happen.

Okay, I admit it. I was the kid with long string of numbers, and I really wanted that Muni! I was pretty close to getting it, but you enter bids really fast.:slight_smile:

I am that good. You owe me $200!!! Nah I’m just kidding. Someone else bid $500 toward the end there. Man you really were trying though. Props for effort.

You still did pretty good. I think it was worth around 700 dollars!

I’m glad it ended up at that price. It’s a beautiful unicycle, and if it had stayed a low price, I would’ve regretted not bidding. :smiley:

My feelings are hurt!!! :frowning: Your not happy with the $4.2 g’s I’m paying you for SuperSHJag29er? :smiley:

BTW, congrats on the Muni Auction, to TOO3226 and Mojoe! --chirokid–

Ok the MUni arrived yesterday but nobody was here to pick it up. I had them pull it off the truck so I could go down and get it. I had to be there by 8 and at 7:55 we were well on our way. We were about 1.5 miles from the UPS place on the freeway when we got a flat. We changed the flat in record time (3 mins, including unloading of coker, muni, KH20 and 12 inch sun (awesome)). Anyway we got to UPS 1 minute late and they wouldn’t let us in, even though there was a line inside.

So I went back today and got it by use of public transport. Kindof hard with a huge, 35 lb box. But I got back here and unloaded it. It is quite a MUni. Props to Mojoe for knowing his stuff and assembling a beast.

I just want to give Mojoe massive props. It was packed well, shipped fast and obviously maintained very well. He sent me everything pertaining to the uni in any way. I would be very happy to do more business with him and recommend him highly to all of you.

i am kevs friend and i saw that uni and it is good like apple pie should…be? i cant rhyme

LOL, it seems that this doll clothes and sewing stuff seller is also a unicyle instructor!

I was really bummed when you didn’t get it yesterday. The thought of it spending another day in that box kills me. It craves dirt and blood… go feed it


The box was really heavy wasn’t it?? I didn’t want UPS to destroy it. I tested the box by laying on its side and standing on it. It felt pretty strong to me.

Now we want to see a pic of you on the muni, sporting one of the tattoos I sent you;)

later… Mojoe