Muni Downhil race in Croatia Istra Gracisce

In may, I will post the right date soon will be held DH race

here is the film of the stage, i drived it this year it is very hard and chalenging

there is kamp and i think there will be organized transport from germany from team

if you want to come and have questions post here or on

this is a map of istra end there is gracisce

i will post more info as the time comes

there will be uni category and there will be prices for unicycle winners

money prices btw:))

I am from croatia and I’ll come for sure, I am learning drive uni so that will be excellent experience for me!

Holy crap I just watched that video and it makes me wish I lived in Croatia, blows my mind at how fun that would be to ride. :astonished:

lot’s of that where i come from, but i don’t live there anymore :)))

Thats Unreal, man! What a beautiful place!

My only concern is that some of the sections look like theyd make you pedal strike if you dont have amazing concentration. That may be fun, though? :slight_smile:


there will be lot’s of days to practise, there is that canal, i fell there and had to walk till the end 5 metars

the race is in sunday and the camp is starting at wednesday or thursday so you can practise