"Muni Devil"

From Footage shot in Feb, '07. I think I’ve improved some, but this trail is waaaay trickier (and steeper) than it looks for sure! I really want to try my 36er on this trail! :stuck_out_tongue:

that looks like a nice little trail. you get all the fun riding locations. well a lot of them at least.

your muni place is so awesome i would enjoy riding on this!!! :smiley:
great riding in there keep it up man

Yeah it’s a super nice trail called “Devil’s slide”, and also there are several others all within close range of each other; “Hummingbird” & “G-Spot” are others.
Only problem is, this time of year the mercury typically hits triple digits from 9am to dusk! :astonished:

That was cool. I want to see a new video of you going threw a store though. :slight_smile:

Haha so do I, but I want it to be really good and not like the old ones I did. I want to have a friend follow me in and videotape me riding all through the store and maybe hopping on stuff too!

It will be much, much better to see a full, wide angle of everything going on! Hopefully, I will be “chased” by management…or better yet, securi-teh!:smiley:

Thats a great vid you have there mate, what uni is that?


nice one


The camera angle makes the wheel look bigger and smaller at parts, but I’d say it was a KH24 and maybe a KH20 at parts :thinking:

Yeah KH 24.

good ridding, the guy who filmed it was good as well holding the camera steady. I wana see you bomb down that trail on your coker without stopping/ hopping. :sunglasses:

I plan on doing that, but in Simi Valley this time of year it’s waaaaay too dang hot! :astonished: Unless I get there at dawn lol! :roll_eyes:

well set your alarm then, grab a cup of tea and get your coker! :smiley:

btw: its not even sunny in the uk at the mo, so feel lucky your get sun! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no, NO! I hate the sun! I only wish it wasn’t sunny like in the UK! God save the Queen!

i, once again, will repeat my motto:


Yes, damn it tp hell! Wait, it’s already as hot as hell as it is haha! :sunglasses:

Nice video…beautiful trails! Love the Simpsonized Terry avitar BTW lol

:astonished: when I want to florida the sun was great!

although to be fair today id good for ridding because its sunny yet not too warm

No it’s a KH rim. Does Try-all make a 24" DH rim?

yes id agree it does look more like a kh24!! not so much i kh20 though! :thinking:

Ok then, look again at 00:45 and tell me that isnt a KH20, and then tell me that up to 00:55 it doesnt appear to look bigger? (because of the camera angle?)