"Muni Devil"

Haha you’re right it does look like a trials at :45! But it’s the same KH 24" all the way through the vid!:smiley:

But your foot goes all the way from the pedal past the back of the wheel… if you get what i mean. That dont make sense, but it just IS a kh20!!! maybe not. I trust what you say… but don’t believe it lol :thinking:

Nope, that’s the only uni (MUni) i had there that day, and never had a 20" at that trail…ever. Gotta just be the cam angle. Comon, would I lie? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh ok lol.

Eyes can be fooled :roll_eyes:

I spose…

I believe you

When the camera is above, it makes the lowest parts look smaller, like the pic below of my muni. Look how small the wheel looks 'cause I took the pic from a high angle.


Yup thanks.

I do get the old perspective jobby lol :smiley: