MUni all day, “INNER BALANCE” release party all night, April 21st, Long Island N.Y.

The opportunity to Muni all day and then watch extreme Muni (on big screen) all night doesn’t happen that often, don’t miss this chance.

Date: Saturday, April 21st 2007
Location: 36 Long Ridge Road
Plainview, N.Y. 11803
Time: 9:00am
Bagels, Coffee and Juice for all
Phone: (516) 702-9807
E-Mail: adam (at) justonewheel (dot) com
Contact: Adam or Renie Cohen

Please join us for an action packed day of Muni Fun On “One”, on Long Island’s best Muni trails, to be followed by a small break and then the US release of “INNER BALANCE”, the newest extreme unicycling DVD by Balance Productions (for more details and to register go to
The Long Island Greenbelt and Stillwell field Trails are top rated among mountain bike riders. There is an enormous amount of different terrain to choose from, flat packed dirt trails to loose gravel/sand, Embedded rocks, roots, stumps, drop off’s, log stacks, great hill climbs, down hills and everything in-between.

The terrain can be enjoyed by any type of Uni. Having a Muni would make things a little easier. A 24”,26”, 29” or 36”would do. Some have even rode a 20” (lots of pedaling) This statement has been fully tested.

Riding For Beginners to Pro’s
Fun For Everyone

Our rides keep growing.
Riders have come from all over just to ride with very cool people on very cool trails (CT,VA,NJ,PA,NYC,CA,CAN and Long Island).
We already have riders registered to come from these state as well as VT and a few others.
This a great group ride.

We are going to break the ride up into two groups,

  1. Newer riders or people that don’t want to fly
  2. Advanced riders or people that do want to fly

Please make sure to bring your helmet, pads, water and a snack.

Look through some of our older threads to view photo‘s of our past group rides, below is a link to those threads.

Muni Ride Fee: NO CHARGE

Requirements: Unicycle and Helmet

DVD Release Party Fee: $5.00 (starts at 5pm after the ride at Syosset Hall)
Raffle prizes include at least one Radial 360, Snafu Pedals, 661’s, Just One Wheel shirts and a whole lot more to be won.
Some of our other sponsors include: Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Trio Hardware, LaPiazza Pizza, and more…

Please e-mail, PM, Phone or post any questions you may have or just let me know you are coming so I can plan the ride accordingly and have food and drink for all.

Please let us know if you need a unicycle to use for the day so I can try to accommodate you.

“Have Fun On One”

Adam, Renie and Ziggy

It’s actually Balance Productions :slight_smile:

ill be at both :smiley:

Any good, cheap local hotels/motels close by?

Most of the hotel/motels around us are between $75 and $159 a night. All within 10 minutes car ride to all the action.

Below are a few choices along with links for more info.

Meadow brook Motor Lodge ($75)

Howard Johnson’s ($99.00)

Fairfield Inn by Marriott ($114-$159)

[B]Please let me know if you have any other questions or need more info. I can also be reached at 516.702.9807.

Thank You for registering and we hope to see you for the MUni ride as well.

Adam, Renie and Ziggy[/B]

sounds good I’ll be there

Ill be there. but i dont think i will be rideing

How come?

He’s having pins removed from his foot :astonished:

But, he agreed to be our photographer (he’s done a great job in the past)

Thanks UnicyclePA!

Well, if the pins are going to be OUT, I don’t see the problem :slight_smile:

Well, that’s different. I always thought the pins were supposed to be in the pedals, but I guess it could work the other way around…:stuck_out_tongue:

oh, that’s good!

Ride Update:

This will be one action packed day!

There is a Jamis bike demo going on at the same time and place as our ride.

Jamis will be bringing out their demo truck loaded with goodies for people to demo in the trails as well as on the road.

Otherwise, it will be a great opportunity for us to show all the mountain bikers just what fun on ONE is all about!

Link w/ more info:;action=display;num=1175977900;start=0#0

We’ve got riders already registered from all over (NY, NJ, CONN, VT, RI, PA, CAN and more)


is that jamis thing going to interfere with our riding?

those trails are capable of a lot of traffic, it can do nothing but good things for us, them having it there, good stuff :slight_smile:

Oh Yeah!

What about this?
Are they different events? Have the plans been changed?

Same event, just in two parts.
We added an action packed MUni ride that day prior to the “INNER BALANCE” release party. The party is still set for 5pm that night.
We have people registered from all around the country.

Join us for the MUni ride as well. We have great trails no matter what skill level you ride.


I still don’t know what to ride. Coker or MUni. I’m a bit out of shape. And out of practice with MUni. There are two groups? What are the trails like?

If I ride the Coker, I’ll need smooth trails. But if I ride the MUni and it’s not technical enough, I’ll get bored. But if it’s too technical, I’ll fall over. I mean, I’ll fall behind the group. I’m not very good at MUni, but I don’t totally stink either. I think I can handle moderately technical trails. But I run out of steam fast on the uphills.

Sorry. I just don’t know what to do.

Adam has asked me to guide the more casual group of riders through the trails. It will still be a nice technical ride, just at a slower pace. The Coker is great in the trails, but it has some drawbacks too. I get pretty tired on it. The MUni gives you more options to play around. Just my 2 cents. I do like both for different reasons.

This is going to be a FANTASTIC event. I can’t wait.