MUni all day, “INNER BALANCE” release party all night, April 21st, Long Island N.Y.

Thanks. That’s what I needed to know. It will be my first time on a MUni since the summer.

What a day it will be!

Their forecasting upper 50’s to low 60’s for Saturday’s ride, Perfect!!

WOO HOO! Should prove to be a very exciting day. Looking forward to it.

i wish i could ride so bad. but i cant so my mom and gf afe comeing to keep me company / take photos

oh, my god

I just realized this thing starts at 9:00 AM!!!

I calculated when I have to get up in order to safely be there in time. Which leads me to the question…

Why so early? That’s a full eight hours before the party. Will there be socializing before the ride? What if I’m late? When does the ride actually begin?

I don’t want to be late because Brian is going to ride my Coker. But I don’t do mornings well. Brian, I hope it’s not necessary, but you should have a backup ride, because there’s a small chance you may just see me at the party.

MapQuest says it’s an hour and a half drive. So if I’m conservative, I estimate two hours driving (there’s no traffic in THIS part of the country, right?). If I reserve a half hour for getting lost, that means I have to leave at 6:30 AM. I would have to get up at 5:30 AM. And I would have to go to sleep no later than 9:30 PM the night before, which isn’t likely to happen, even if I avoid caffeine all day. I can take out the safety margin, but only if the ride doesn’t leave right at 9:00 AM.

No matter how I run my calculations, I get the same result… this damn thing is too early in the morning!

I’m pretty sure there’s a coffee-bagel time and the ride doesn’t get going until 10ish. Adam, please chime in here!

Oh, and Dave, I’m coming down that morning from Albany, 3 hrs away, so as to your paltry 1.5 hours from Jersey, dial 1-800-Waah!

I’m leaving tonight :angry:

Yebbut, you’re going via Helsinki or some such, aren’t you?

no, that was supposed to be today, but leeanne’s schedule got changed and she had to work, so we are just coming to NY

i’m actually not sure if we’re leaving tonight or tomorrow morning now

I’m not whining. I’m just being realistic. My energy levels have been low lately. And I don’t do mornings well. And I’m getting over the flu. I’m not exactly at my best, right at the moment.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. I wonder if Billy is going to be there. We can continue our usual “discussions”. :slight_smile:

Stop whining about your ten hour drive, eh?

We will all meet at my place (36 Long Ridge Road, Plainview) at 9am to chew a bagel and hydrate while watching a few things Brian doesn’t show anyone else. Then we will get our uni’s ready for the ride.

I will post a link for directions to the trail head for anyone who wants to skip the fun part of getting to know one another before the ride.

We will depart the trail head between 10-10:15am. Please let me know if you are planning to meet us there so we can look for you. There will be a ton of MTB’rs there for the Jamis demo.

–Weather Update–
Mid 60’s and Perfect!!


We have 70 people already registered for the “INNER BALANCE” release party :astonished:

Who ever buys the movie (“INNER BALANCE”) Saturday night ($25-$5 admission fee = Final Cost $20)will have a great chance to win and roll away on a brand new Radial 360, which I just assembled!!


This will be great. 70, Wow! Adam, thanks for getting this together.

Can’t wait to ride and then see the release of Inner Balance!

I don’t do mornings either. That’s why there’s a slower paced group.

My pace might be so slow that I meet everyone at the party (5 PM is more my speed). Brian, if I don’t make the ride, can you borrow someone else’s Coker? Sorry.

Dave - get there and ride, or I’ll miss you awfully.

Shibumi - I know you’ll be there, if slightly groggy, but I’ve never seen you NOT groggy.

I have to decide which unicycle(s) to bring. Are there any Coker, distance, 36’er, touring, (whichever you choose to call them) rides scheduled for tomorrow or is it all Muni?

The release party was fantastic! THANK YOU to Adam and everyone else who obviously worked so hard to make this event special. Clearly, much advanced preparation and thought went into it.

I missed the MUni ride, which also meant missing the pre- and post-ride socializing. However, I did have the wonderful opportunity at the party to meet steveyo and shibumi and to see Adam again. And many of my friends were there, including my MUni mentors (Jeff, Brian, and Mike), Teddy, BillyTheMountain, and spokes, a relative newcomer to the forums whom I had the pleasure to meet a few weeks ago.

And of course, it’s always a GREAT pleasure to see Brian and Mrs. Sofa, even though it seems that every time they release a video, I get the flu. Release the next one in the summer, eh?

Inner Balance is… is… is… (harper hold your ears…) AWESOME! It has great riding set to nice music. The movie is well balanced – it has a little of everything. It not only entertains you, it makes you feel good. Watching it is a “good time”. But we would expect no less of a movie coming from a person with those very same qualities, eh?

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in creating this wonderful event (including the hot dog guy – I didn’t get a chance to compliment him on his “shoes”). And thank you to all who attended. It was a HUGE turnout. Unicyclists are fun people. Put a bunch of them together and you are bound to have fun. Put a bunch of them together at a great party and you have a truly special and memorable event.

(If anyone who attended wonders who I am, I’m the guy with the short hair and big nose and dark-blue sleeveless shirt. I sat in the back of the room – closest to the hot dogs.)


You beat me to. I have only positive thigs to say about the quality of the new DVD!!! And it was a great pleasure to meet so many of my good friends from these threads!!

Thanks to Adam, Brian and everyone else who worked hard to make this event special!