Muni 24. Brake or no brake

Please chime in 24" muni riders. Do you prefer a brake? Do you have a brake on your muni and rarely ever use it? Trying to decide if I need it. My trials doesn’t have one. My oregon does but I rarely use it. I like the nimbus oracle 24, but the brake outside the cool factor might be just dead weight. Or the kh 24 no brake option.

If you have to question whether you need it, you probably don’t need it.
If you feel like your struggling going downhill (both on and off road) then you probably do need one.

A brake is a nice investment to have but not necessary.

My advice is to go for a long ride up and down hills and on some Muni (as rough as you ever go) and see if you feel like you have to much weight on your legs when your going downhill o over technical stuff.

I use mine all the time. The terrain where I ride contains a lot of steep hills, and they are frequently covered with loose, sandy dirt and rocks. I find that if I just use my own resistive leg pressure to slow down, I will often over-do it, and the tire will break traction and slide (sometimes causing UPDs). I find the brake is better at keeping the wheel turning at a controlled rate of speed, and there are fewer mishaps.
Just my opinion. As always, “YMMV.”

Or don’t know how to use on properly.

You may think you don’t use your brake all that much, but once you get more comfortable using one, you’ll find that you are on it much more than you think.

On a unicycle, I find that I use my brake nearly as much as on my bike. I still brake in turns a lot of the time, and depending on the trail surface I may be braking off and on as I roll or hop obstacles. It’s nearly subconscious.

I also brake during every dismount.

Yeah, I use my brake on the oregon when I stop and get off. Other than that I feel more in control using my pedaling to control descents with that big beast. My trials I just hop things but I always wondered what a trials uni would be like with a brake? That way you could hop skip and jump and go straight down the fall line if you want. Maybe the ultimate muni.

I took my brake off of my 24. With 150mm cranks I never felt like it was too much work to keep the wheel under control. On my 26 the brake went back on. So, wheel size has something to do with it, but not without considering terrain, and crank choice.

Thanks jtrops. That’s what I’m thinking. Going as light as I can go on a 24 without brake. So I think the kh 24 with out brake comes in around 13.5 lbs. which I believe is the lightest 24 muni? The oracle 24 might be lighter if no brake, but I don’t want to pay for the brake and then take it off.

If you live in Florida or Kansas, you don’t need brakes on your Muni. A Road unicycle might still benefit from one, but that’s a different thread. The best metric is one that was already mentioned; if you aren’t sure whether you need one, you probably don’t. I get by fairly well on my local trails, but when I go to other places (Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Moab) there are times where they are basically essential for someone with 50+ year old knees. My next Muni will definitely have a brake (my current ones don’t).

con: I am unable to use the brake on technical terrain (I need both hands to keep my balance … but should train more)
pro: If I don’t use a brake while going down a mountain I will not be able to walk for 2 days ! (stiff muscles)

I think I’m going with the nimbus oracle unless the new 2015 kh 24’s are killer. And if I feel I find I don’t use the brake much, I’ll just remove it and save weight.