Multi hole cranks - crank length for a 36er

Do you ever really need 150mm cranks on a 36"? Im thinking about what to buy. I want to ride mostly with 110mm, but wonder what double cranks to get.
I ride on mostly flat roads on with the occasional hill.

Are you asking @JimT or more generally to all in this thread because, while I mostly ride my 36" with 125mm these days I certainly appreciate having 150mm. There are some very steep routes around here. I avoid routes that are 10% or above on 125mm cranks.

Its a general question of what people think. Im probably gonna get the VCX triple. But 100mm on a 36" sounds really short to me - maybe it isn’t.

If you want off-the-shelf triple cranks that are longer than 100 mm, you might want to consider options by mad4one (110-129-148mm or 117-138-159 mm).

I personally would mostly ride with sizes between 110 and 130 mm, but for certain extreme cases, it does not hurt to have longer cranks available :wink:

(the cranks in the video are bike cranks though)

Never tried any mad4one products. Are the fully compatible with nimbus an kh unicycles?

Yes, they are standard ISIS cranks

Cool. They are pretty expensive compared to VCX at 69€.

The 110-129-148mm sounds like a good option for a 36er. I’ve used 109mm for the last year and they are good for grades up to 12% but for longer or steeper grades or rough ground longer cranks may come in handy.

109mm on a 12%. That sounds tough. I thought I was reasonably strong at climbing, clearly I have work to do! :smiley:

They sell cranks with their own interface as well but as long as you choose their ISIS cranks you will be fine.

Mad4one are made with forged alloy 7075 T6
very expensive but … also strog strong strong … the Agile version are lighter and strong as the tecno.
We never seen one Tecno or Aglie crank broken.
You can have it in 14 colors :wink:
Prices are different for UE customer and NON UE customer.

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And he can also freemount like that :frowning:

I want to be like @JimT when I grow up. Is the secret to always eat all of your vegetables?


You also have to pay 30€ extra for a color change

The geezer can’t keep up with you! :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just kidding, Terry is awesome.

I’m fine for strength but do run out of wind on longer steep hills. There is a 0.4 mile (0.64 km) hill with the steepest grade of 12% near me, I can ride it but have to stop and catch my breath half way up. Of course I then have to remount on the steepest part.

Totally depends on what you ride. For road with no big hills, no, anything more than 136 is too long.
I’ve had the VCX 100/125/150 for a while now and like the range a lot.
For road/commuting I use 100 for speed or 125 for more relaxed cruising.
For off-road I use mostly 125 for XC and 150 some.
Last weekend I did a 3hr XC ride and started with 100s, then switched to 125s after too many uphills, and then switched to 150s as my legs got tired. When I first starting riding the 36, it took me a while to learn to mount with shorter cranks, but it’s mostly practice. I only ride <120 if I don’t have a lot of slow walking speed riding around pedestrians and know I won’t have to dismount a lot. That said, 100mm for flat road is definitely not too short for me. For road racing (which I’ve never done, I could see 89s being good).