Mounting a giraffe

No, not freemounting - that’s been discussed a few times on here and I’m way off getting that yet (or even trying properly). I’m wondering about getting onto it using a pole, wall or fence for support, as that would at least give me a few options. Currently the only way I’ve ridden mine is by using a stepladder and static mounting onto it (freemounting in a way, but not really in a way which is very useful), but I’d like to be able to ride where there isn’t a handy stepladder!

I had a feeling something about this came up recently, but I searched and can’t find anything.

If you have an older car, like from the 70s or earlier, you can “curb mount” your giraffe by backing its wheel up against one of your car’s front wheels, and pushing off just like mounting from a curb. I recommend older cars because more recent ones use much thinner sheet metal and can’t necessarily tolerate feet walking on their fenders.

I learned off of a 1969 Pontiac Firebird. :slight_smile:

Or anything else you can use as a platform at a height to simulate curb mounting should work, without the risk of dents or scratches.

Yesterday I met the women’s flatland world champion at a get-together in Pasadena. One of the riders brought a giraffe and let her try it. She jump mounted directly onto the pedals. It was amazing!

I recently learned to freemount a giraffe, but prior to that, I practiced in a tennis court. The first thing I’d do is watch a few videos on how to freemount to identify the technique you want to learn. Try to incorporate that into assisted mounting. This is the technique I use for freemounting:

This is how I did assisted mounting for my giraffe: I would lean the giraffe saddle in the fence corner (10 ft tall fence) on the pole, position wheel slightly off the pole, and arrange the pedals to roughly 5 o’clock and 11 o’clock positions (to simulate how I planned to freemount). I would then begin to mount by putting my non-dominant foot on the top of the wheel, step up and put my dominant foot on the pedal positioned at 5 o’clock, and sit on the saddle while using my hands the entire time to assist my climb up the giraffe.

Like Foss, I used a vehicle sometimes. I have a 1988 Mazda pickup that I would use from the wall of the pickup bed. Just the right height to step onto a six-foot giraffe and no worries about scratching it up. I’ve also used steel city trash containers that were on sidewalks or telephone poles that were adjacent to sidewalks. If you can easily get onto a sidewalk you can generally get onto a street from there. Tall cyclone fences tend to be around school yards and tennis courts…not always close to street access.

There is a world of difference between jump-mounting a five-foot giraffe and jump-mounting a six-foot giraffe. What you have will dictate what you try.

It’s a 5ft, but I have no intention of jump mounting it anyway.

Thanks for the more useful suggestions though - my car is a modern one, but I do have a towbar mounted bike rack attachment on the back. Not quite high enough for me to be comfortable mounting from, but it should be fairly simple to install a slightly higher platform on it.

Not that that really solves the issue, I was looking at finding ways to mount when I’m not near my car, and it looks like there are some options I could try.