Mounting a 29"

What possible ways are there to mount the 29"? The only one I’ve done successfully is the rolling mount, a static mount seems to end up as a rolling mount because of the height.

Thanks much

Maybe this will help you somewhat Pembar???

I hope it does somewhat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your good friend. :smiley:

One-foot spin mount
Side jump
Regular jump
Suicide jump

There’s a few. Haven’t actually tried them all on a 29" but I’m sure I could get them within 5 minutes. Some I’ve done on my 45".

No, not the kick-up.

I’m quite happy with the roll back mount that I do on most of my unis.

Static mount works for me.


I think you mean the roll back mount, don’t you? You try a static mount but have to step on the back pedal a little and so the wheel rolls back. If a 29er is tall for you, you might consider trying a jump mount or a variation of one. I have done a rolling jump mount (not roll back) on a Coker ever since the first time I tried one. I find it really easy for the big boy.

Suicide mounts on 36ers are fun (but somewhat scary if you fall)

static mount or jump mount. i mount my 26 muni the same way i do my trials.

hah, cool. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was referring to the rollback mount.

I tried the static mount last night, it wasn’t too bad, I got the hang of it after a few tries. I was under the impression that it was truly static (Wheel doesn’t move until I’m on top) but I guess that the unicycle is too big so it will have to move a little.

Thanks for the help, now to move on to idling.