Mountainuni Disc Brakes Have Arrived!

we’re building stock, getting the website up to par, and reworking the bolt on for KH & Nimbus… the bolt on is what is really holding us back right now so we can sell rotor, crank, and caliper mount. Working with machinist toward production… no ETA yet.

We have weld on mounts for steel unis with conventional frames. We have a weld on mount that we can fab for hunter 24"… do all sizes of the hunter frames have a consistent angle for the trailing frame leg to the leading frame leg? (I’m hoping that the mount for the 24 will work on the 26,29, and 36 as well.) We are not fabricating aluminum mounts because of the need for heat treating after welding, which would mean stripping the paint and repainting after heat treating. Without heat treating, some aluminum would be soft and stress fracture or fail. bolt on caliper mount coming soon!

until the website is functioning please PM Mountainuni1 to get your disk brake. Thank you for being patient with us!

I have some 145mm sinz, waiting patiently for the for KH adapter disk kit.

Caliper Position

Being one of the original disc brake fans myself. All of my Uni’s have been made with the caliper/ disc on the left side. Why are yours on opposite sides?


It’s probably because the right side crank is the one with the spider to accept the rotor.

Right Spider, correct

Correct jTrops, and credit to Jogi Triton for accomodating the DiscTab on the right side of their frames as well!

(note again - it won’t be available for a long while!) once KH frames have a disk tab, it will also be on the right side.


Disc Placement

OH!, My bad, these are those add on crank discs!

Mine is on the hub, mounted on left side inside of frame.

@jeff: yes all three whells have other hubs: kh, mad4one and schlumpf, i had to use different spacers and also i had to adjust the the discs (with washer), but after done that its eas to change the wheel.
the cranks are the 155’s but yes tey are long, will get the 170’s and drill them (140/120).
i didn’t ride really hard the schlupf setup yet, i’ll let you know how it works (i’m also waiting for the 4th setup: 26" schlumpf)

@lobbybopster: i would prefer the brake on the left sinde, because i jump on the right side, but as said it’s because of the rotor and the frame… on the other hand, when drilling the cranks myself i could put the roro also on the other side, but would need n other frame…

but for now it’s perefct, and i don’t have more money to make lots of experiments :wink:

I have one more question… what brake is needed to fit this solution?

i use the shimano SLX, most of the disc brakes are not narrow enough, we’ve not much space between the crank and the spokes…

just a hint for those who are looking for sinz short isis cranks.
i was looking for a shop in europe that has them but found this shop that in their webshop says they have short sinz cranks in stock.

keep up the good work!

Beware! danscomp is a faigshop!
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American Express did a complait.

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whoops i had no idea

just tried to find a shop that stocks the sinzs cranks;)

thats what I did half a year ago :wink:

may be it was not danscomp itself, may be the where victim of an online attack themselfs, I dont know, but I send them some mails and got never response so I guess its really a faig!

Thanks for warning. They’re the only one shop I’ve found now. But I’ve found some on ebay:

yes it’s real hard to find them, because there are not produced any more…
here is an other shop in the states:

found one also in germany, but don’t think they have them on stock… couldn’t reach them on the phone…

edit: on eby there are even more, not sure if that will work…

we’ve used Shimano, but mostly avid disk brakes. if you shop around, you can find them pre-bled, lever, hose, and caliper -without rotor is cheaper.

danscomp has good wot scores, so I would guess that they don’t have good security and people are taking numbers off their site. Best to avoid those types of sites.

Credit card thieves can get your number from anywhere; there are sites that actually sell them to the highest bidder. If you’re not on a 100% secure internet connection (there really aren’t any); it probably wasnt Danscomp’s fault. I just ordered a couple sets of Sinz Cranks in prep for my MountainUni set-up on a Triton frame. They got to me no problem and my credit card info was fine. The BMX/freestyle bike community likes Danscomp and lots of people use them.

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Thieves would be really dissapointed if they stole my credit card number HAHA