Mountain Unicycling in the "Adventure Sports Journal"

Mountain Unicycling in the “Adventure Sports Journal”

If you live in Cali, pick up a free issue from REI, a climbing gym, etc.

If you don’t, visit:

or just check out the article online:


thats great, im really glad that our sport is getting more and more publicity!

IO love the photo! i want my own!

Cool :wink:

It covered all most of the major developments…except the geared hub.

Here are some pics of the write up with pics and I like the posting for Cal Muni weekend!
Good job

Muni article.pdf (302 KB)

muni article 2.pdf (310 KB)

Muni article 3.pdf (319 KB)

If it’s an article about Muni, why do they have a picture of you doing a seatdrop? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m doing it on my muni :slight_smile:

That is a cool muni trial in Colfax. I forget the name…Foss knows.


PS: Robert! Thanks for the scans!

Stevens Trail. Seat drops make for great pictures. People can’t do seat drops on their MUnis?

Here’s another nice “MUni” shot.

A crankflip usually makes a lousy photograph compared to some of the other cool moves you can do in Street (or Flatland). The media is going to go for what’s visual.

Yes the article turned out very nice. It should have as well; as the author went back and forth with us several times so we had a large amount of influence on her accuracy!