Mount not listed on list of mounts

Figured out a new mount (new to me at least) when I was just messing around today. Put the unicycle between your legs, then jump up, pulling the unicycle under you. Land on the pedals. Wasn’t on the mount list so was just wondering if anyone has ever done this before.

P.S. Nice forums by the way.

I think my friend invented this same mount. You put the seat under you, and the unicycle in front (or behind), and jump up to make the unicycle roll under you, and land it.
Welcome, n00b!

Cool mount. Will try. But isn’t waltrus spelled w-a-l-r-u-s?
Just curious


You need to jump a lot higher if you want to do it on a Coker


That was a VERY impressive mount !!!

i recall seeing this mount performed in a french (i think) video a few months ago in the gallery. it had the strangest soundtrack ever :frowning: .

yeah i remember that too one guy rode a giraffe down steps too right or am i thinking of some other french movie? it looks real go on a coker too.

Nice work in that Coker clip! Something about watching makes me wonder, not why the rider is not wearing a helmet, but why he’s not wearing warmer clothes?? :smiley:

I’m not aware of any widely known or accepted name for that type of mount. You might call it a roll-under mount, or roll-under jump mount. You would have to specify it if it’s being done from the front or rear.

Most of the lists of tricks, mounts, transitions and other stuff we have out there, like the Standard Skills List, are not intended to be comprehensive. Especially the Standard Skills list, which is really more of a sampling of the more common, well-established moves that can be done. Freestyle and Open-X can be all about the stuff that’s not listed.

This clip was taken in my parking lot…Mrs Sofa was going to work, I had her film me (it was 7am, and I was excited I did that mount the night before)

I was only out to do a few mounts for the video.

There is also the Coker Suicide Mount

Name happens to be Walt.