Motorized monocycle website

A friend of mine pointed me to this motorized monocycle web page:

It is quite interesting. A couple of the pictures seem to have aircraft

Note that he is selling at least one design to the general public.


Ken Fuchs <>

Sem recently purchased one. Looks like a really fun toy!

those remind me of a certain episode of south park, a very anti-homo episode

I saw one of those on MONSTER GARAGE. The guy wiped out pretty bad, almost died. Looks pretty cool though.

Edit: Pedal powered:

Monocycle non-motorized

These things look like a blast. I’d like the version that is non-motorized. I think they have them in China.

Does anyone know where I can get the non-motorized version?

Would it be allowed in unicycle competitions Like the marathon?

Is it a unicycle?

Kerry Mclean could probubly make a pedal monocycle

How much do these things run for?

The Drummonds have a pedaled monocycle from asia in their shop in atlanta… I rode it (kind of…), as mentioned in a previous thread. It was pretty beat up, making it very hard to ride, but i think the concept, with some minor tweeking, could be turned into a very easy to use and comfortable alternative mode of transportation.

I believe he said they would be stocking them sometime soon at a price around 800 bucks. don’t quote me on that price, i could be way off…

Give them a call if your interested.

and yes, it reminds me of mr. garrisons “IT” as well. minus some sontrol aspects.