motivating yourself to ride

My recent excuses:

Black fly season
Deer fly season
Too many margaritas that day
Too many margaritas the night before
My foot hurts
My knees hurt

I really dont lose my motivation, there are days where I am sore from the earlier day of riding, but I still go out. I dont let anything stop me from riding, rather it raining, having an extremly hot day, if its snowing, dark out, windy, I dont let the weather ever stop me, I dont see why anyone should ride cause its hot, or rainy, just get out there and have fun!

I also have friend who are always ready to ride, I push them to get better, they push me, and we have tons of fun. I am also setting up a new trials course today, so I am excited to ride that.

having a friend who also like to ride too is a big motivation too

go riding in the rain … its so awesome you will love it!!!

don’t your shins hurt?

Unfortunately, no. I have shin guards. But heck, let’s add that to my list anyway.

just get off ur butt and ride lol

I have that trouble with almost everything. I have found that it’s best to make the activity “practical.” Currently, I have a job doing my favorite hobby. I am in different clubs related to it also. That makes the activity more frequent in my life, and pulls me when I am not willing to push.

Likewise, you could commute, get paid to uni, and continue hanging around people that ride.

well… i went riding on saturday afternoon

it was really good, im a little rusty, but i have a lot more energy and tricks seem to feel a lot easier when you arent tired.

im back… again!!!

just gotta get all my homies back into it too!


WOOT! 1000 posts!!! I’m happy.



lol youre just jealous cuz youre only half way there
good job mornish

Yo I didn’t read the whole thread but yeah i haven’t ridden in about 5 months. No motive. No use, anything I put out everyone just sees as flips. So it’s basically pointless. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Football’s (soccer) rad.

yeah I/other see it as flips cuz it is often difrent kinds of flipp but not always like your raily, 360, high jumps and other

i really wanna see someone do a 900 unispin. thats no flip, its a super flip

Thats a shame, some people actually notice your variations flips (me). Like, you dont get enough credit for lateflips, anyone tried them? They are hard.


Glad that you got the motivation back =p Your a great rider, and have been very helpful to this sport, your style is amazing and you continue to push this sport to its limits, which shouldn’t not only inspire you, but inspires all of us to continue riding and progressing in this sport. Hopefully you can get more friends into it, its great when you have friend who will always want to ride with you, or you to ride with them.

The same goes to you Shaun, I love watching all your videos again and again and slow them down on the tricks you throw out to see exactly what you are doing, the technicality of your riding just blows my mind away!!!

Both of you are great riders, keep it up, cause we need guys like you two in this sport!

watch a unicycling video of someone who is better than you and then go out to try to learn what they’re doing.

HA that can’t shaun do ^^ but yeah it get insperation