motivating yourself to ride

well, lately i’ve been incredibly unmotivated to go for a roll.

i havent ridden in 3 weeks, partly becasue of girls and not having a good seat, but does anyone else ever just feel like anything else can be better than going out unicycling? (even when we all know there isnt much better than riding)

its killin me… is this the end?

p.s. this isnt the first time ive felt this feeling. am i the only one?

buy a new equipament or buy a new seat…

for me taking new parts always motivates me

right now i got my new nimbus hopley and a plus seat
iam a lot motivated hehe :smiley:

good luck

also, make a list of tricks you want to learn, that usually works for me.

I doubt you’re the only one. Sometimes I have a hard time motivating myself to go riding, but then I just talk myself into it, knowing that as soon as I mount my muni and pedal just ONE revolution, I’m ALWAYS glad that I went! :smiley: It has taken a bit more time to convince myself to go riding since it’s been soooooo hot and humid lately! It’s like I have to wait almost 'till dark until it’s cool enough so I don’t drop dead from heat stroke!

Watch some unicycle videos!

Riding increases virility, girls like virility! if you have more virility, girls are happy, if you ride more and girls are happy then you are crazy happy (although very very tired). Problem solved. Actualy I have found recently I have had pretty much the same problems. Between work, my girlfriend, drivers ed, and graduation crap, riding has taken a backseat. But I found that now I’m just so tired that if I go out around 9 or ten at night and just ride for a couple hours, till about midnight or so, then everything is great, and it relaxes me alot.

Plus I landed my first 8 set!

O and get a better seat that will make a huuuuge difference because riding won’t be a chore it will be a dream.

It’s never too hot to ride, you are just unprepared for the weather. Just ride at night, with minimal clothes, lots of water and in clear areas with lots of breaze.

it’s just too dang hot here in Alabama to ride…I hate it…because I really want to, but it’s so hot

This is what keeps me motivated, a wife, two kids, and a fairly demanding job. Anything to get out of the house for a little while.

this happened to me a while ago, and i just couldnt see the fun in going for a ride, but then i just decided i’d just force myself to do it, and once i did it all came back.

Make plans with someone else to go riding, then you can’t not go because you’ll be letting someone else down.

I dunno jeff, I’m so lazy that wouldnt work for me.:smiley:


Listen to music while you ride, that usual gets me pumped. Like picado said, new parts sometimes does it.

I’ll go through long stints like that, and what really helps me is having my coker. Whenever I don’t ride for a while, I will plan and have a nice long night ride with my coker. It always helps me relax and appreciate unicycling more, so then I want to whip out my trials.


I dont like rain. Today I was about to go for a ride and then it started raining really hard. That sucked.

Anyway. To motivate myself I think about what I want to do, then I go out and do it :). I visualise and I try and try to do something. The thing is, sometimes I wont stop till I get the line I was going for. Once I was out until about 9:30 in the rain trying to get on a picnic table for the first time. But I made it! So yeah, think about what you want to achieve and then think about how much ass sitting on you’ve done in the past week (oh wait, thats me…) and get out there!

i almost wanted to give up riding after spending 7 hrs over 2 days in hot weather learning unispins. then i realized i need shinguards. duh. pain.

I had the same problem couple of weeks ago, actually, I still have. There has been a lot of good advices, like watching videos, getting new equipment, riding with others etc. But when my motivation was very low few weeks ago none of these really worked. And then I had almost a month when I didnt ride at all, it just didnt felt good when I even thought about or tried to go out for a ride. But few nights ago, after about four weeks without serious riding, I went for a little spin to our trials course and WHAM it felt damn good again. And in my opinion taking a little break isnt always a bad thing, since after this month of non-riding my hop height has increased almost 4 inches and riding feels great again.

As others have said, get a new seat, I like my Kris Holm Fusion, watch a couple of videos on the gallery on here, and you will feel more like going out.

As I have said on another post, my Uni magazine arrived in the post this morning, a quick flick through, and I wanted to go and ride on my Muni.

Have a look at Amanda’s gallery:


Come on Alex, you can’t say it’s the end. You have been an example for a lot of us. Your style still inspires me a lot, basically i have learnt in2in, in2out unispins watching your vids and got decided to learn crankflip+unispins because of your former avatar.

Each time my uni has a problem, i am in the mood for going riding : i know that if i don’t fix it i won’t be able to achieve the new trick i almost landed when my uni felt apart. So all i do is putting my energy in that (definitely, buy a brand new seat).

But if you don’t do anything, you forget how good riding was. The most motivating thing is seeing how your skills are improving, and if you don’t practice, they don’t… a vicious circle.
That’s not so true, because when you ride for first time after some days of break, you discover that things that were difficult became easier while you were resting and you feel motivated for riding all life long.

So, move yourself, buy a new seat, inflate your tire and go out to perform new incredible moves. The community doesn’t want to loose you.


I know what you mean Tomsey, man.

I aint rode my trials uni since BUC, 6 weeks ago. I rode my Muni at work the other day to show the kids (I work in a primary school) and got asked not to do it again as “it’ll cause an accident and the school will get sued”, etc ,etc.

Mind you, there was 300 kids running after me on the playground!

I don’t know why I can’t be arsed with it. I’m happy with the level I am at, and don’t really feel the need to learn owt new. I don’tthink it’s the end tho, just a blip.

This could be one of the reasons tho! I bought me a bike! It’s well good fun!



Sometimes you can learn when you do a break on your trainings
after 2 months of intensive unicycle i always do a 2 weeks break for my body regeneration and mind too

its good to make a break sometimes… but dont let this break take too long

yeah often happens when I don’t have any new trick too try out . Just take a smal break then try some new try use to work for me :slight_smile: (btw I take uni break on the winters so )