Motels close to moab trails?

I figure Moab is a fairly small town, but I’m just wondering, for those that know the area, is 182 South Main Street (Ramada hotel) pretty close to where we’ll be riding?

All the Moab hotels are relatively the same distance from the riding. Some are right in town, while others are north of town but aside from one or two, they’re all in Moab so no worries. The Ramada’s web site says it’s in the heart of downtown Moab (not that Moab is big enough to really have a downtown), so it sounds like a great choice for walking to restaurants and hanging out after-hours.

I don’t think it really matters, only a difference of like a mile or two. Unless you want to ride to the trails from the hotel…

We’re at the Holiday Inn, which is pretty much the farthest away from the slickrock trail.

Thanks for that link! I had a different link to the same hotel, but I used yours, made the call and BOOKED the room!!! YAY! See ya’ll there! (I’ll be there Wed. late night, ready for some early riding on thursday if anyone else will be there)

You miss alot of action staying at the hotel Terry, half the riding and fun takes place at the campground inbetween rides. The majority of the riders are there makin all the off trail time, a time for group riding in the campgrouds…Last year I braugh a grind rail and hurt myself on a BC when my friend kinda forgot the gag he wanted me to do…punk lol. Ah I wish I was at least able to wait til I got to moab to get injured… :frowning:

For those that want to take in some scenery followed by “only” three solid days of riding, I’m going to Canyonlands National Park on Thursday when I arrive in the area, and also Dead Horse Point State Park. If anyone would like to join me please let me know in the next day or two, either through an email or my cell: 916-267-8809. Maybe we can carpool, which means I’d go into town instead of straight into the park…

That’s true, and I have consistently missed the camping community and fun. But there’s just something about a nice warm bed in a nice warm room at the end of a hard day’s riding… Sorry about the knee Cody, hope it gets better real fast!

Hmm, well I guess there’s no point in going then!:wink: Jk! I have a very difficult time getting to sleep in general, and would never be able to get a rested night’s sleep in the campground. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t hang out with you guys up to a certain point, then just go to my hotel and hit the hay. It sounds like a total blast to “rough it” and camp out, but it just wouldn’t work for me, I’d be a total zombie the next day! :astonished:

I know, it would be way more fun staying with everybody. But, I can’t help it. Oh well.

Moab weather

Just checked the weather outlook for this week in Moab, and rain is expected tomorrow and saturday! Uh oh! :astonished: (Weather provided by Yahoo and weather channel, from official Moab site)

hey terry, that B n B is called sunflower hill.


Thanks Miles, too late everything’s booked there. I already made reservations at Ramada inn. Not as nice as sunflower hill but less $$$.:slight_smile:

Don’t neglect the Chile Verde breakfast burrito at the Moab Diner. Serious ballast for a long day on the trail. :smiley:

I’m at the Rustic Inn Motel across the street.

Seems like a nice place, and only $65/night, including micro and fridge, and bagel breakfast.

Arriving late Thursday; looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend!

That’s a good rate! I may switch from ramada, which is about $30-40 more per night. (but they do have wireless web!)

Lol for some reason everytime I go to ride with people I get a very bad night sleep the day before, CMW this year I slept 2 hours in a car the night before hte 12mi ride. And when the Spain crew was doing the filming I slept about 3 hours the first night. So I dont think it really matters where I sleep I operate on minimul rest anyways :-D. Ohh and thanks John im hoping it heals pretty fast as well, Il still be going this year to help Spencers mom with some of hte driving out there, and I might do a practice loop or something…pends on how well I can walk…