Morning News Unicycle Feature "Live" on KTLA

For those who may not have seen it earlier today (3/31/09), I was interviewed LIVE on KTLA 5 Morning News! As you probably know, anything can happen on live TV so I’m glad it went off without a hitch…especially the part where I jumped over the reporter, Allie Mackay! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was/am still recuperating from flu symptoms, but hey, the show must go on! Here are all the segments, uploaded to Youtube:

thats awesome, i bet you will be watching that whenever you need a moral boost!

awesome :slight_smile:
very nice interview

You absolutely blew them away Terry!!! Shut down any attempt of them making a bit of sport of you. The Anchors applauded you… wow. That never happens. Allie asked some good ?‘s … pedals, price, style etc. And she laid on the pavement for you to gap her. Kudos to her and you.
Great plug for UDC.
You did us and the sport very proud today.
Now, go take a nap ya’ GEEZER …
Respect Mon,

Awesome! You nailed every trick!

Thanks Sean, yeah I was surprised that Allie was ready & willing to let me hop over her! That’s trust!

Thanks yeah I was a bit worried that I might not land the drop off the metal trash container–or even be able to hop my way up to it–or the static stair gap, when I did it all live, since I wasn’t feeling well. I got there a little early to practice and that probably helped a lot. :o

Dude, that was sweetly amazing-awesome!

The publicity, that is. =p

video not available?

EDIT: youtube’s fault… site maintenance…

Excellent promotion of the sport… I need to figure out how I can get some news coverage haha, I’ve been in the papers a few times and on tv once for unicycling but I only played a minor role in the segments(little promotional blurbs about PJF)

Awesome! Get the word out!! How many times have you been on the news now Terry?

btw I always find it funny that people think that you sit on your testicles when you ride a unicycle.

and it’s too bad that they had to rush a bit, she had to cut you off a few times because she was asking so many questions with so little time haha.

this is why terry is sponsorised :wink:

Great job! You covered it all, from trials to muni to coker and made it all look easy.
And nice comment on wearing a helmet as you jumped over the reporter :slight_smile:

Great job Terry, you nailed it! You did a great job promoting our sport. They gave you lots of air time, you nailed all the tricks, and they didn’t play any circus music. You should have let them use your camera so you could have captured it all in HD!

Awesome Terry!

When I heard you called unigeezer I thought it was a cool name, geezer in the uk is slang term for some fella you know who’s a bit fly and a bit smooth down the boozer!

It sounds like geezer over there is a derogatory term? Is that right?

Great segments, liked the “of course it’s safe I’m wearing a helmet!”

You get her phone number too dude?

Keep riding Tel!

Thanks. Actually I got the idea for the name “UniGeezer” when I was jokingly referred to as a “geezer” by some other MUni riders who were less than half my age, because to them, I was “the old man”! So I just thought it would be a cool and catchy name if I added the word “Uni” in front of it. Here in the US it just basically means an old and/or eccentric man. But in general it is simply a non-derogotary colloquialism used to describe an old guy, and often used as a term of endearment, or used in a joking manner to “poke fun” (As in my case, lol!) :o

But like the reporters said, I haven’t really earned that term yet…I’m still too young, lol! At least it’s not a name I can outgrow, unlike Boy George, or Kid Rock, so it will have a good “shelf life”! :smiley:

Here are a few common definitions:

Geezer is a British slang term, in its simplest form meaning a man.
Derived from the differently pronounced ‘guiser’, a name for an actor in a mime. Possibly related to disguise. In this sense it refers to a kind of everyman.

It may be used in a number of senses; to refer to a man whose name you do not know, similar to use of the word guy. It is also used to refer to a man who is overtly manly, masculine, or heterosexual, also someone noticeably capable, reliable, plainspeaking or down-to-earth. Although essentially a masculine quality it is not synonymous with macho however, and its usage may be thought of as very similar to that of the US English word dude. Example: Joe Cole referred to Prince William as a “nice, relaxed geezer.” In the British 1971 pop song by the Piglets, aka Jonathon King, ‘Johnny Reggae’ was described as being “a real tasty geezer”.

Geezer over here in the states means someone who is very old, I’d say about 80+

Terry is a UNI-geezer, meaning that of the unicyclists, his age range is pretty much the top I’ve seen for the sport, which makes sense :wink:

I wonder if I can tune in on any of these feeds, where abouts do you live Terry?

“Tune in”? What feeds? If you mean the KTLA Morning news, you should be able to watch it on TV in SB. I’m not sure what station it would be there. It’s a “super station” also so it can be seen anywhere in the US on dish. But I live in the Torrance/Redondo beach area of the South Bay, CA. Have I met you before? I’ve ridden many of the SB trails with members of sbuni.

It’s been a while though since I rode with them, but I was there in 12/08, and I rode Saddle Rock solo, and made a video of it. In fast, the News segemnt showed a clip from it where I did a drop off that big bolder at the top of that trail! :slight_smile:

No you don’t know me, I’ve only been unicycling since the 5th of last month. I’ve only seen one other unicyclist around town so far. And I don’t have a muni yet. I was riding my LX in the dirt and rocks a bit today, I was suprised that I was able to ride fairly decently.

I live in painted cave, up on the mountian above the 154, do you know the area? Some good downhill trails on the backside.

How much do caves sell for nowadays? :wink: Haha, no never been there but I’m guessing it’s a pretty expensive area to live! SB is a beautiful city and has some of the most awesome MUni trails anywhere!

It’s very expensive, but I don’t live IN SB, I live on the mountian above it, I can see all of SB and goleta from my front yard. Also my parents bought our house about 25 years or so ago now, and the prices were much lower back then. I used to live in downtown SB with my brother for a year, but rent was too expensive when I decided to get off my lazy ass and go to an expensive college… So I live on the mountain again.

We should ride sometime! I’d need to improve a bit (I don’t even have a muni yet) and get in better shape before I’d be able to ride some of the trails around here, but it’s something to think about!

Also you said there’s a SB uni group?