Morning News Unicycle Feature "Live" on KTLA

Yeah they have a mailing list: I know they changed it a couple times but I think that’s the current one. Yeah the next time I’m riding up there I’ll let you know and I also have a spare KH MUni I could let you use. He’s known as “Mr Orange”. :smiley:

I’ll look into it soon and see what I can find out.

You have so many uni’s haha, that would be awesome. You have quite a bit of people that unicycle around your area is that correct?

Well actually no, it’s pretty much only myself in my area. Riders I know live at least 25-100 miles away. Orange County area(40-50miles away) and Santa Barbara (90 miles away) have the most concentration of riders from what I’ve seen.

Oh I’d just seen some of your videos where you had quite a few riders with you, I’m guessing it was a meetup or something then?

That was probably the Orange County Uni club. I’ve ridden with them many times and it’s always fun, casual rides. We’ve had as many as 20 on a group ride, which are mostly in Dana Point Harbor or Aliso Woods trails. We should be doing another one pretty soon. (Right, Adam?) :slight_smile:

Awesome times, makes me realize I need to ride more… I can barely do up my belt that i bought a couple years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, if I lost 4 inches off my waist, I’d have to buy new pants! I hate clothes shopping!!! :wink:

Way to go Terry, that was flippin stupendous!
Basically I take your skills for granted so what really impressed me most was how you handled the actual live performance! Wow the pressure is on in those one-shot situations - and knowing the nation is watching :astonished: You sure have a strong mind-game - especially with drop of the trash container :sunglasses:

Thanks Geoff! Yeah the “live” aspect was definitely on my mind, considering I wouldn’t have any second takes! And the fact that I was still recovering from being pretty sick, (My 101 degree fever had broken only 2 hours before!) I was especially concerned that I might not be able to pull it off, at least without some mistakes. I consider myself lucky that it went as well as it did! :slight_smile:

Lucky whatever, that would be a lot of luck. You’re just good!

Thanks, I guess not too bad for an old fart, haha! :o

I think the reporter you jumped over was luckier. :wink:

Def. a good mind-game… Live TV is bad enough, pretty girl ups the ante even more :wink:

Hey that’s pretty cool Terry. You are a great rep for the sport.

Ordinarily, I would have just rolling hopped over her with no platforms, but I wanted to play it extra safe! And it was my first time on live TV, but that just didn’t seem to phase me too much. :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt. I just love the sport and want the general public to know how cool it is, and that they can learn too!

How many people watch this program?

Well, it’s a major Los Angeles channel and a “super station”, which means it can be seen anywhere in the US. I think the morning news has average viewership in the many millions, plus it’s streamed live online as well. It’s also number 1 in the ratings. Not bad! :slight_smile:

In other words Terry is a uni-superstar now

Haha nah just a MUni/Uni enthusiast like everybody else here. :o

But everyone else is not on TV! And I haven’t tried a real muni yet, so I’m not like everybody else! I’d like to try one though… haha!

Haha, I’m still shootin’ for Letterman or Ferguson or Conan. That could really get the word out! And the if I get on TV again, I want to give a BIG shout out to this forum!

Haha, I’m still shootin’ for Letterman or Ferguson or Conan. That could really get the word out! And the if I get on TV again, I want to give a BIG shout out to this forum!

Well the way you’re going, you’ll get good at MUni pretty quick! Especially since you’re in one of the Country’s BEST areas for MUni! You have tons of world-class trails right in your backyard! That’s how so many of the sbuni members got so good! They ride the best, most technical trails ALL the time, since they live right near all of them!