More unicycle shirts, stickers and stuff.

Alright, bugman, you and all the other Atlanta unicyclers have your design ready, now. Check it out:

I put up some other stuff I wanted to do, too. Let me know if there’s another combination you’d like to see.

I really like the “unicyclers code” design. I’ll definately be ordering a few of those shirts !!

The unicycler’s code design was Bugman’s idea. Glad you like it.

Your signature comment hits close to home this week. I was riding some trails and decided I’d be damned if I let a couple of runners pass me up completely. I was hanging with 'em pretty good till a bump in a curve took me out completely. I was going fast enough, though, and I’m proud of it.

Looks like I’m taking up too much space. :frowning:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Nahhhh, how much space can you take up on a unicycle?

I mean, you’re only touching a couple of inches of dirt, so long as you’re riding. Right?


Currently my UPDs are taking up far too much space…


UnPlanned Dismounts? Do I have that right?

H’yar in Memphis (Yeah, it’s pronounced ‘Mifphis’, just like Elvis used to say) we don’t even call it a UPD unles’t your shoulder hits dirt. Even then, you’re allowed to use up as much space as you need. If there’s a video camera rolling, then use up as much as you CAN. If puddles and branches are involved- bonus points.

By the way, I hope I didn’t make it sound like the new unicycle stuff was just for the Atlanta cats. Please (pleaseplease) everybody feel free to browse. My youngest kid needs a new uni for Christmas (Memphis pronunciation “Chrimmus”)

I feel better, thanks. :slight_smile:

Have you considered politics?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


I’d just like to say I’m BugMan and I approve of this T-Shirt. I love this t-shirt. I am really thankful Greg that you took the time to put this idea on a shirt. The idea was to create a shirt, that wasn’t controversial, and gave those that saw it a new perception of Unicycling. I have too often heard people complaining of circus/clown comments. I hope that this shirt can change somewhat that perception. By the way I will be buying a few myself.:smiley: Don’t wait buy yours now and beat the Holiday rush.

Raphael, I think you would look great sporting one of these. Help a starving artist out and buy these shirts. I am not making any money from the sale of these shirts, I just wanted to see them put on a shirt. I hope everyone likes them.

PS These shirts are designed to add 10 puonds of muscle, and remove 10 pounds of fat. That is why I can’t wait for mine to show up.:smiley:

I actually like the Uvolution shirts very much, but I haven’t taken off my Harper Hottie shirt since I got it, so I’m not so sure when I’ll need another.

Oh, and I’m all for helping starving artists. Through the NEA that is. After all, isn’t that why I pay taxes? :smiley:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Do you think I could qualify for a grant for performance art if I rode my unicycle naked and covered in choclate syrup?:smiley:

Man If only there was a Uvolution/Code Baseball tee. Then I’d bite into it. But the einrader shirt is a bit creepy with like the missing tooth.

Catboy’s mix

Here you go catboy, an Edge/Uvolution baseball shirt. No missing teeth anywhere.

It’s a good combo. Thanks for the suggestion!

Also, as for bugman & Jjuggle- yeah, the NEA would probably pay you to ride naked covered in chocolate, but only so long as you bring your own protesters. Also, you have to go on record about hating the government, and how your art is supposed to bring the world together by explaining man’s innate need to… Ah, heck it’s all in the registration packet.


Those are great(execept mabye the thong…)are there any others?

Man, the thong gets no respect. As it should be, I suppose.

Anyhow, forrestunifreak, is there something particular you have in mind? I draw for a living. I dare you to come up with a design you want that I couldn’t produce. I’ll put it up on the cafepress site if you just want the chance to get one. Of course, that means everyone else gets the chance at it, too. Start a revolution- be my guest.

There’s another thread up right now where they’re working on a design. Make sure you check that one out, too.


NE1 gonna luk that close @ a thong? if yer that close to the goods, there probly wont be NE thong. seems kinda stupid to me.

in the if ur not living on the edge u take up space, it has only one quotaion, just thought id poin it out.

c.critch wins the prize for being more observant than everyone else. I’m gonna have to fix that for sure. Eek.

Now I know what I’m doing this morning.



All fixed.

Thanks again, editor critch.

Yeah i saw that thread. Hmmm…come up with somthing you cant produce. I doubt it.The unicycle code is pretty good,I dont know about the Einradder…no shirt…Broken teeth…weird…But their pretty cool.I just dont have any money to spend on them i just stupidly bought a shirt off e-bay before looking around at others.